Case Studies

Marcello Martino Design: Product & Interior Design
“The software in the Autodesk Design Suite connects the stages in my design process easily and seamlessly. For instance, I shift designs between AutoCAD and Alias to refine and align surfaces with precise dimensions. It’s easy to go from one to the other to perfect the design.”
— Marcello Martino, Creative Director and Principal, Marcello Martino Design
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Illustrate My Design Creates Stunning Architectural Illustrations with AutoCAD Design Suite
“AutoCAD Design Suite offers a wide variety of tools to produce quite a lot of graphics to illustrate ideas. For us, it’s cost efficient, since we always need AutoCAD and 3ds Max… Autodesk software has become an extension of what we do.”
— Daniel Zeballos, Partner/Visualization Specialist, Illustrate My Design

Shaw Industries Adopts 3D with AutoCAD to Realize Green Initiative
“We have to see how we can make our products faster, more efficiently, in a small amount of space, and AutoCAD is the number one tool to figure that out. We use it extensively; it’s in everything we do. We couldn’t do the job without it.”
— Ed Hade, CAD Designer, Shaw Industries

SSOE Group Uses AutoCAD to Innovate and Design Better Workflows for Their Engineers and Clients
In this video, Mark LaBell and Steve Kassab of SSOE Group, an international engineering, procurement and construction management firm, discuss how AutoCAD is used to help seamlessly combine multiple files and file types into one design. In this video, SSOE elaborates on how the AutoCAD development language allows both the novice and experience programmer complete control over the application to create and edit complex designs for their clients.

Production Resource Group Uses Autodesk Software to Create and Communicate Designs for AV System Installations.
"I would tell anyone that isn’t using AutoCAD, especially in our industry, that the workflow and accuracy of everything is superb, [and] that the design elements are necessary components for any installation or event. And AutoCAD helps us create and communicate those design elements so that it’s congruent throughout the design process to the end result all the way to load out and getting it back into the shop."
— Eric Hebard, Audio Designer, Production Resource Group

MC² Uses Autodesk Software to Design and Build Exhibits that Demand Attention
"What we try to do for our clients is to make sure that they are putting forth their best. When they get to the show floor, they walk into their booth for the first time. They’re holding their renderings in their hand, and they’re looking at their booth, and it’s exactly what we’ve showed them. With AutoCAD, we’re able to do that. It really brings a new realm to what we can do."
— Brad Miller, Production/Detailng Manager, MC²

Gage / Clemenceau Architects: BOFFO
“The software in the Autodesk Design Suite helped us move ideas between  formats easily. Without the right tools, I don’t know how we could have done so much so quickly.”
— Mark Foster Gage, Founder and Principal, Gage / Clemenceau Architects
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Castro Mello Architects: National Stadium Brasilia
“AutoCAD was critical in the design of the National Stadium Brasilia. With a project of this size, there were many stakeholders who provided design input. AutoCAD’s flexibility allowed us to incorporate these changes quickly and efficiently."
— Vicente Castro Mello, Partner, Castro Mello Architects

Tait Towers: Custom Stage Design
“With the 3D capabilities of AutoCAD software, it’s fast and intuitive for us to turn ideas into conceptual designs we’re confident we can build.” 
— Tyler Kicera, Lead Designer, Tait Towers
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Dieguez Fridman Arquitectos: Conceptualizing Form and Function
“The free-form design tools in AutoCAD software allow us to develop and refine complex forms more quickly and easily. It’s a bit like using virtual clay for 3D conceptual design.”
— Axel Fridman, Principal, Dieguez Fridman Arquitecto
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Archived Stories

Scenographix: Set & Lighting Design
"We’ve used AutoCAD for design and 3ds Max Design for visualization for years, and we’ll keep using them. With licensing the Autodesk Design Suite, we are excited to add 3D sculpting with Mudbox and surface design with Alias Design to our workflow."
— Terrence McClellan, Principal, Scenographix
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Nikken Sekkei: Tokyo Sky Tree Tower (Japan)
“Designing the triangular cross section at the bottom and the circular section starting from the 315-meter-high point while incorporating the traditional Japanese elements of concave curves and convex curves … was a formidable task. For that process, we used AutoCAD’s tangent line drawing functions and other features.” 
— Shigeru Yoshino, Design Partner, Nikken Sekkei
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Parsons Brinckerhoff: Seattle Design Visualization
“AutoCAD and Autodesk 3ds Max Design help us to take design communication to a whole new level. When you can see exactly how a project will look when it’s built, everyone involved with the project can make better, more informed choices.” 
— Jay Mezher, Design Visualization Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff
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Botti Rubin: Brookfield Towers
"For more than 20 years, we’ve relied on the AutoCAD platform to develop our ideas. It has helped us to create and refine innovative designs, save time, collaborate, and win work."
— Roberto de Castro Mello, Senior Management and Facilities Assistant, Botti Rubin Arquitetos Associados
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Marriott International, Inc.
“Typically, the model would cost $250,000 or more. We spent $25,000 in our virtual environment—reducing our costs by 90% without disturbing hotel guests with a renovation. Our executives are comfortable with the review cycle and encourage us to continue working virtually.” 
— Deborah Huguely, Vice President of Product Development, Architecture and Construction, Marriott International, Inc.
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The Ohio State University Medical Center
"At any one time, we’re supporting as many as 200 construction and renovation projects. This software delivers our team the capabilities we need to communicate relevant facility details accurately and efficiently."
— Joe Porostosky, Manager of Space Information and Management,The Ohio State University Medical Center
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TIF Digital/Enrique Yáñez Architects: Katcon Institute (Mexico)
“Exploring and refining our ideas in 3D with AutoCAD software helps us produce better, more innovative designs. For us, using 3D greatly accelerates the iterative aspects of the design process.” 
— Enrique Yáñez, Principal, Enrique Yáñez Architects
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PNM: New Mexico Power Company
“Designing electric substations in 3D using AutoCAD and our custom application is significantly faster than using 2D tools. It’s better in other ways too. There’s less risk of clashes and clearance issues, and construction crews can clearly visualize the design.” 
— Derek Kastendieck, Senior Draftsman, Power New Mexico
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EFCO Corporation: Custom Windows
“AutoCAD software drives our innovative online product ordering and collaboration process. We’ve created customizations that have cut the time it takes to select, configure, and order products significantly.”
— Carey Hatcher, CAD Technologies Manager, EFCO Corporation
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Larson & Darby Group: Midway Village Museum
“The 3D tools in AutoCAD have proved quite valuable for conceptual design. We can quickly develop multiple options to share with clients. Being able to review designs in 3D helps clients visualize the design, streamlining collaboration.”
— Gedeon Trias, Associate Director of Design, Larson & Darby Group
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Gonzalez-Strength & Associates: Publix Supermarket
“From initial site sketches to preparing construction documents, AutoCAD 2011 software helps to accelerate the design process. It seems that each new version includes enhancements that save time on our projects.”
— Kevin Stober, CAD Manager, Gonzalez-Strength & Associates
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Mead & Hunt: Klamath Falls Airport/Kingsley Field Runway Improvements
“AutoCAD Civil 3D software was instrumental in our ability to complete the design in only 3 months and to help coordinate our dispersed project team effectively.”
— Dan Dankert, CAD/BIM manager for Mead & Hunt
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Nacht & Lewis Architects / WSP Flack + Kurtz: Sacramento Central Plant
“There are so many different components within the plant. BIM software from Autodesk gives us a high level of confidence. It facilitates subcontractor understanding. It helps us detect problems early. And it plays a key role in getting buy-in from the client.”
— Benjamin Sun, Vice President, WSP Flack + Kurtz
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Amazing Worlds: New Online Platform
"It is a new way of introducing products and services. Information can be presented and distributed in an interesting and fun way. Autodesk has equipped us with the necessary power tools to help make this a reality."
— Terence Mak, Director, Amazing Worlds Pte Ltd
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Circuito S.A.: Rosewood Laguna Kai Mayakoba Hotel
"AutoCAD is a fundamental tool. It is helping us to complete quality work faster while we grow our client base."
— Edwin Fischel, President, Circuito S.A.
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Tecnológico de Monterrey: Student Design
“AutoCAD is an essential platform for design. Being able to use AutoCAD so proficiently has definitely helped all of us in our careers.”
— Enrique Yáñez Alvarado
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Lessard Group: 32 story high rise residential project in New Rochelle, NY
“Autodesk is always coming up with new features, and new ways to make AutoCAD users moreproductive.  That’s why we’re on subscription. To be more efficient than competition, you need high performance tools and AutoCAD 2006 is one of them.”
— Kal Houhou, CAD Manager, Lessard Group
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The Sacramento County Airport System
“In the last year, AutoCAD has helped us to complete our tenant lease plan processes 25 percent faster, which saved us an entire week. … We are already looking forward to the next release of AutoCAD and how much more time it may save us.”
—Donald Wilson, Principal Engineering Technician, The Sacramento County Airport System
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