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Liberty Fire Protection: Help make buildings safer
“AutoCAD LT is user-friendly. I mean, it’s easy to use… For somebody who’s self-taught using AutoCAD LT, I can’t imagine anybody else wanting to use anything else.”
–John McDowell, Liberty Fire Protection

Cutler Design & Construction: From blank spaces to polished stores
“Without AutoCAD LT, I wouldn’t be able to put everything on paper, and make sure that it all worked before going into the construction phase.” —Natalie Cutler, Interior Designer/Owner, Cutler Design & Construction

Small business professionals like you are choosing AutoCAD LT software
A few professionals went on camera to explain why they chose AutoCAD LT software. Find out how their stories relate to your business.

AutoCAD LT Case Study: SGE Consulting

SGE Consulting: Saving time every day after upgrading.
“A task that used to take a couple of minutes now takes about 30 seconds. In a day, that could be more than 20 minutes of timesavings.”
–Eugene Gordin, Senior Associate, SGE Consulting
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AutoCAD LT Case Study: WET Engineering

WET Engineering: Completing aquatic designs faster.
"It’s easy to put off upgrading software when you’re busy. Moving to AutoCAD LT 2012 software took me under an hour. There’s no question that upgrading sooner rather than later has helped me get more done."
–William Smoot, Principal, WET Engineering
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AutoCAD LT Case Study: Schuler Shook Customer

Schuler Shook–Sharing work more easily.
“AutoCAD LT can actually accept drawing files or PDF files or image files or DGN files from all of the different consultants and all of our different clients. We don’t spend a lot of time converting drawings—either as they come in, or as they go out.”
–Lisa Bernacchi, Theater Consultant and CAD leader, Schuler Shook