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Toy Design Competition

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Registration & Submission

  • Participants are to register using the forms available in the TDC.11 website at and submit a hardcopy to their teacher I/C. The teacher shall then collate and email or fax all the forms to the Organising Committee by 28 February 2011.
  • All participants should submit their entries through their teacher I/C to the Organising Committee by 29 April 2011 for the preliminary round judging.
  • Each submitted entry must include:
    • Two A3-size posters mounted on cardboard.
    • pictorial sketches of the design
    • rendered/coloured illustration of the design with the name of Automaton, an overview which should include a short description of the Automaton, how its mechanism works and the participants’ learning experience
    • Softcopy of the following in a CD.
    • An official entry submission form
    • A write-up and design sketches
    • Images of the above posters in jpg, png or tiff format
    • All the files in the project folder must be submitted. (ipt, iam, bmp, avi)
  • The Automaton Title, Name of Student(s) and Name of School must be clearly written on the CD using black permanent marker.
  • The best 10 entries will submit their physical model through their teacher I/C to the Organising Committee by 10 June 2011 for Final Ranking.
  • All submitted items will not be returned and will be the property of the Organising Committee.
  • All works submitted should be original and should not have been awarded by the organiser of another similar competition before.
  • All participants are responsible in ensuring their submission will not infringe existing copyright/patent law.
  • The Organising Committee or sponsor is not liable for infringement or abuse of any design as a result of entry in this competition or as a result of subsequent publicity.
  • Entries that do not meet the competition rules will be disqualified.