Student Center

Toy Design Competition

Details & Guidelines

Competition & Award Overview

  • There are two rounds in this competition – the Preliminary and Final Rounds.
  • The submitted entries will be judged and ranked by a panel of judges formed by the Organising Committee and Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd.
  • All participating and winning students will be presented with certificates.


  • 1st Prize Cash $1000 + Trophy for School
  • 2nd Prize Cash $600 + Trophy for School
  • 3rd Prize Cash $350+ Trophy for School
  • Merit Awards Cash $150 x 7

Design Guidelines

  • The dimensions of each Automaton should not exceed 30cm (width) x 40cm (length) x 40cm (height). It should not be too complex so as to ease the fabrication process.
  • Participants should visit Automata websites such as the, and to learn more about Automata before embarking on their design. A good way to learn about the creation of movement is to look at the various driving mechanisms in action from Design and Technology websites such as the
  • Participants should generate a storyline of their Automata, for example what story is it telling, what sports or performing arts is it promoting, etc. and think of what mechanism(s) can be used to deliver/drive the story. They should also make simple sketches of their design with basic dimensions and in good proportion before coming to the Autodesk Inventor Design Workshop which will be conducted in SP from 14th to 17th of March 2011.
  • The Workshop will provide participants with basic concepts of Automata design, 3D Modelling, Assembly, Visual Enhancement, Animation and Static Rendering. Students will be guided through a walk-through example entitled “Rabbit and the Dog” (as shown in page 1) on how to use Autodesk Inventor 2010 (CAD software) to create and animate an Automaton before using the software to model their own Automaton.
  • All participants who complete the walk-through project will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.
  • Participants of the 10 shortlisted winning entries are required to build their Automata using materials such as plywood, chipboard, softwood (balsa), wood ball/cube/dowel,basswood sheet/strip, ice cream stick, perspex, high density foam, kapaline board, etc. to demonstrate the functionality of their design and for exhibition purpose.
  • Parts may be joined together by adhesive (glue), nails, self-tapping screws or dowels. Pins may be used to create joints. Strings, wires, standard gears, belts and pulleys, etc., can be used to create the movements of the Automata.
  • The participants should source for the above mentioned materials and standard parts before sizing their Automata. These materials and standard parts can be purchased from shops such as Art Friends, Daiso or Hobby Shops.

The competition is open to all Secondary School students in Singapore.

Expected Entries
We expect to receive between 250 – 300 eligible entries.

Judging Criteria
All submission will be judged based on:

  • Product Description and Design Sketches 10%
  • Design Posters 15%
  • Originality, Creativity and Appearance 25%
  • Design Process Skills and Functionality 25%
  • Automaton Fabrication (For Top 10 entries only) 25%