Student Center

Toy Design Competition


This competition is an exciting activity that provides a platform for students to challenge their creativity and skills in designing fascinating animated mechanical toy sculptures called Automata using Autodesk Inventor software.

Automata are originated from the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre (CMT), a highly acclaimed travelling exhibition originated from the UK that combines the work of Arts, Science and Technology. Nearly all of the work in the CMT collection is humorous. These mechanical toy sculptures showcase the fine art of engineering and are valued highly in the collectors’ circle. They can be brought to life by cranking a handle to move a shaft mounted with a series of machine parts such as cams, gears, linkages, belts and pulleys, ratchets, etc. which are in turn connected to the various parts of the sculptures to produce the desired movement.

This Toy Design Competition 2011 is organised by the Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, sponsored by the Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Sales) Pte Ltd and Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd, and supported by the Design Singapore Council and Play Imaginative Pte Ltd.

Participants stand a chance to win cash prizes* of up to S$1,000!

*See prize details on the Details & Guidelines tab.