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Autodesk FLUX Design Competition


How many years defines a ‘temporary’ shelter?
Up to two years.

Was the parkland affected by the recent flooding?
No, the parkland is on high ground and was not flooded.

Can I get assistance on how to use the Autodesk software?
Yes, software assistance and training will be held at FLUX, and there is also online resources available from the Autodesk website and from the Autodesk Education Community.

Is Bruce based on a real location?
Bruce is a made-up location, hypothetically based in Queensland. Please note that the competition is however inspired by an actual site and circumstances.

Should I include a materials cost breakdown in my submission?
No, however a consideration of the materials cost effectiveness is recommended.

Will the winner remain the owner of the design?
Yes. The winner will be fully credited if images of the design are used by Autodesk and the Australian Institute of Architects for marketing and promotion of the competition. Entries and entrant information relevant to the competition may be used by Autodesk and the Australian Institute of Architects for advertising purposes.*

What are the exact dates of the Autodesk User Conference in Las Vegas?
The winner will be flown to the Autodesk User Conference which runs from 29 November to 1 December 2011 in Las Vegas, USA. Entrants must be available to travel during this time, and allocate a couple of days either side of the conference dates to allow for travel time.