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Autodesk FLUX Design Competition

Creative Brief

Devastating flooding swept through many areas of Queensland Australia during late December 2010 and early January 2011, with three quarters of the state declared a disaster zone. Recovery work is underway, and as part of the flood relief an area of parkland in Bruce (made-up location), one of the worst affected areas of Queensland, has been gifted for the purpose of developing a temporary village of micro accommodation units for up to 100 of the most vulnerable families. Bruce is located on the Brisbane River, approximately 20km south west of Brisbane.

The challenge is to design a two bedroom light weight, quick to construct and deconstruct, temporary ‘home’ that could be replicated for the site, and which has minimal environmental impact over the building’s life-cycle - an Emergency Kit home.

Entrants are required to use the predefined site detailed with a Revit file, click here to download the site (Autodesk Revit Architecture software is required - Free* Revit Software can downloadable from Autodesk Education Community). The entire structure should not exceed 6m in height, 12m wide and 20m deep and should focus on issues of basic shelter and passive design elements and be designed to accommodate a family of four. Entries are also encouraged to be cost effective and demonstrate adaptability to smaller or larger typologies.

The parkland is located on top of a coal mine, which means light weight buildings only, and aspects of electricity, gas, water and sewage should be implemented (where possible) as stand alone elements.

Note: the briefing process for this competition was originally defined by Emergency Architects Australia, being based on their work carried out during the recent flood relief in Queensland.