Digital Prototyping
Parker Hannifin engineers use Autodesk Inventor for Digital Prototyping on design components for the company’s complex systems.

“We can’t underscore enough the value of making even one fewer physical prototype. With Digital Prototyping, the time-to-market and cost savings are very real.”
—David Bosworth, Manager of Enterprise Engineering Systems, Parker Hannifin


Your Digital Prototype Can Dramatically Reduce Development Time
Speed to market can mean many things. It can mean being the first to offer a product. It can mean getting the right product to market at the right time. It can mean customizing products faster than your competition. Digital Prototyping can help you get to market faster in several ways:

  • It’s faster to produce digital prototypes than physical prototypes.
  • It delivers drastic productivity improvements that shorten design time.
  • It reduces the need for time-consuming outsourcing of design simulation modeling and analysis.
  • It helps you discover errors before designs are released for manufacturing, reducing costly delays caused by late changes.
  • It gives customers a chance to provide input and review realistic visualizations early in the development process, reducing the chance that products won’t meet their needs when manufactured.