Digital Prototyping
Weatherhaven relies on Autodesk Inventor to create digital prototypes during product development.

“We’re a $100 million USD company with an engineering department that has fewer than 10 people, yet we’re competing with billion-dollar companies. With help from Inventor software, we’re servicing some of the most sophisticated and exacting customers in the world. It definitely gives us a competitive advantage.”
—Ray Castelli, CEO of Weatherhaven


More Profitable Product Development
Ask Autodesk customers using Digital Prototyping—they’ll all tell you the same thing: Digital Prototyping is well worth the investment. It helps increase:

  • Innovation—Build the best, most profitable products in the market
  • Productivity—Optimize your operations for competitive advantage
  • Speed to market—Get your products to market faster than the competition

Using a single digital model to design, visualize, and simulate your products—across all areas of product development—makes it possible to manufacture better products using fewer resources, in less time. And that’s a real competitive advantage that will improve your bottom line.