Digital Prototyping
A-dec uses Autodesk Inventor for Digital Prototyping in dental equipment product development.

“With Inventor software, we can integrate everything in one place and see a complete prototype before anything is built. We can iterate easily, without starting from scratch. When we have changes to one part, Inventor automatically updates the entire assembly. That makes taking designs to the next level that much easier.”
—Patrick Berry, Staff Engineer in Product Development, A-dec


Increase Productivity with a Shared Digital Model
When you increase productivity, you carve out time—time you can spend on innovating new products or getting products to market faster.

With Digital Prototyping, you don’t have to complete a 2-year implementation and overhaul of your existing processes before you see a drastic increase in productivity. You can adopt Autodesk® software one application at a time, depending on your needs.

By automating manual processes and relying on a single digital model, you can determine where you’d benefit immediately. For example, suppose your engineers are spending time re-creating designs provided by industrial designers. Begin by investing in Autodesk® Alias® industrial design software—and the engineers can build a digital prototype from Alias files brought into Autodesk® Inventor® 3D mechanical design software. Right away, you increase productivity.

Faster, More Collaborative Mechanical Engineering
Digital Prototyping helps you improve productivity in several ways:

  • It connects functional groups by allowing everyone to work on the same digital model.
  • It makes it easier for groups to collaborate, reducing manual back-and-forth.
  • It automates labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks, helping to reduce errors and speed design and engineering time.
  • It allows you to find and fix problems before manufacturing, helping to reduce costly engineering change orders and improve productivity on the shop floor.