Digital Prototyping
Tucker used Autodesk Inventor 3D models in their SNO-CATS® product design.

“We’ve slashed both the time and cost for design validation by 50-60%. The bottom line is that Autodesk supports our ability to innovate quickly and cost-effectively.”
—Albert Allen, Mechanical Designer, Tucker Sno-Cat


The Best Product Design Wins
If you want to beat your competitors to market, win customer loyalty, and ultimately gain a larger share of the market, your products or product design processes must be more innovative than your competitors’. In short, profitability hinges on your level of innovation.

In recent years, moving from 2D drawings to 3D digital modeling has given manufacturers more time to experiment with product designs. But simply adopting 3D modeling tools is no longer enough. You’ve got to build the best products in the market, and you have to get them out faster than your competition.

At the Center of Great Design: The Digital Model
Digital Prototyping helps you innovate in several ways:

  • It makes it easier for everyone involved in the product development process to give input on mechanical designs and make them the best they can be.
  • It allows you to simulate the product in action, so you can be sure it will perform as designed—or as required by your customers.
  • It lets you make design changes quickly and easily, allowing you to explore new design ideas.
  • It automates manual processes in every aspect of product development, so you can spend more time on innovation without extending your product development lifecycle.