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See how AutoCAD® Map 3D software can help you create better maps. View and download sample maps from a variety of industry categories such as utilities, government, natural resources, planning, and transportation.

To have your work considered for the AutoCAD Map 3D Map Gallery, please submit a sample.

Water and Wastewater System Map
Sample map covering the downtown area of the City of Redding, California, USA. The map shows water system infrastructure including pipe sizes.
Electric Distribution Map
Sample map showing the electric distribution system of the City of Astrum, Oregon, USA.
City Map Book
Sample map book of the City of Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA. The map shows city parcel fabric with street names and background aerial imagery.
Cadastral and Water System Map
Sample map that is part of a larger map book sheet set for the County of Oregon, Missouri, USA. The map shows building, cadastral and water system information.
Tourism Map
Map of the French département 92, Hauts-de-Seine, outside of Paris, France. The map shows notable places and open spaces such as parks and gardens. Data was provided by the Institut Geographique National (copyright © IGN 2007).
United States Geology Map
Map of the geology of the lower 48 states, USA with an inset map showing California fault lines and major earthquakes. Geology and earthquake data were downloaded from the National Atlas (United States Department of the Interior) in ESRI SHP file format.