Digital Prototyping
Tucker used Autodesk Inventor 3D models in their SNO-CATS® product design.

"We've slashed both the time and cost for design validation by 50-60 percent. The bottom line is that Autodesk supports our ability to innovate quickly and cost-effectively."

—Albert Allen, Mechanical Designer at TuckerSno Cat


Differentiate Your Product Designs
To thrive in a competitive market, you need to differentiate your offerings, deliver exceptional product quality, and bring highly innovative products to market more quickly than competitors—while simultaneously lowering product and product design process costs. Lean manufacturing is no longer enough to meet these challenges. According to IDC, the focus is “no longer how fast products can be put into the market, but rather how fast designs can be put into production.” And while custom, enterprise solutions can help, they can be far too costly and time-consuming to implement.

The Digital Prototyping Advantage
The Autodesk® solution for Digital Prototyping is a less disruptive, yet powerful alternative that offers a breadth and depth of industry-leading software for product design, simulation, manufacturing, and marketing. This flexible solution is easier for manufacturers of any size to deploy, maintain, and integrate into existing processes. It’s affordable yet delivers robust, powerful functionality and benefits that give you quick return on your investment.