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Building Design Suite: Why BIM for MEP & Structural Engineers On-Demand Webinar

Why BIM for MEP and Structural Engineers?

As a structural or MEP engineering professional, you face a wide range of challenges every day from increasingly complex projects to shorter timeframes and reduced budgets. It pays to get the competitive edge you need with the Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools in Autodesk® Building Design Suite Premium:

  • Create better buildings using more coordinated and consistent information
  • Gain project insight through design, visualization, and analysis
  • Collaborate more effectively to inform design and construction decisions

Whether you're using BIM now or have yet to make the move, Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium supports both your BIM and CAD needs and puts the power of data-driven engineering right at your fingertips. So you can deliver complex building projects with one solution that supports your evolving project needs.

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