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SEPS BIM Tool plug-in for Revit

Download this Revit template that facilitates the creation, placement, and validation of medical equipment within a BIM model. The plug-in helps to reduce costs and improve productivity by automating tasks that currently take many man hours and identifying errors earlier in the design process.

The Space and Equipment Planning System (SEPS) is a health facility planning tool jointly developed by the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. SEPS information is maintained in a database and distributed to designers as two Excel files (a list of space requirements and a list of equipment requirements) which are unique to each facility. This functional planning approach defines the requirements necessary for the facility to meet its operational goals in terms of spaces and equipment.

Simply fill out the form below to download the plug-in and all supporting documentation now.

For immediate contact regarding the Autodesk BIM templates – contact: Frank Moore, Michael Juros, John Sullivan, Rich Mitrenga and Ralf Mosler at the ADSK via email: ADSKBIMtemplates@autodesk.com

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