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Public Works & Utilities Solutions

Solutions for Today's Utilities and Infrastructure Projects

Learn about our integrated products and services that can help better plan, design and manage your infrastructure assets.

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Speak to an Authorized Autodesk Reseller or Representative to find the best Autodesk utility solutions for your needs.

On-Demand Utilities Webcast: Accelerating response to outages and better management of infrastructure data
At Okaloosa Gas, safety and customer service go hand in hand. With 124 employees, the District provides energy to more than 38,000 customers, over a 400-square-mile service area. Since turning to AutoCAD® Map 3D and Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server software to help integrate its maps with external systems, the District has been able to accelerate its response to outages—and enhance the way it manages infrastructure data.

On-Demand Utilities Webcast: Model Based Design of Substations and Electric Distribution Networks
Watch this on-demand webcast for an in-depth discussion of how intelligent models are changing the electric industry, from the design of substations to electric distribution networks.

Energy Central "Smart Grid Starts with Smart Design" Whitepaper
Sponsored white paper with "Energy Central"/Sierra Energy Group - 'Smart Grids Start with Smart Design'

On-Demand Utilities Webcast: Improve Utility Productivity with Intelligent Design & Construction Engineering Solutions
Learn how intelligent model-based solutions for relocating distribution assets help utilities design and construct smarter and faster.

On-Demand Webcast: Designing Substations with Digital Prototypes - NES Moves Beyond 3D
Watch this on-demand webcast to see how Nashville Electric Service utilizes Autodesk Inventor to go beyond 3D and develop a digital prototype of new and existing substations.