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Infrastructure Solutions

Better. Faster. More Economical.

From 2D drafting and design tools to Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that enables intelligent 3D workflows across the entire project lifecycle, Autodesk has the right tools for infrastructure professionals.

Have an Autodesk Representative Contact Me
Speak to an Autodesk representative to find the best Autodesk transportation solutions for your needs.

Autodesk BIM for Infrastructure Knowledge Pack
Get access to information and learn more about how BIM for infrastructure can help you transform how you plan, design, build and manage your infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Digital Magazine - Issue 2
Learn how to accelerate infrastructure design in this issue of the BIM for Infrastructure Digital Magazine.

On-Demand Webcast: Build a Better Road
This presentation shows how structural engineers can take advantage of BIM for Infrastructure by integrating site data into their design workflows.

On-Demand Webcast: Designing with BIM for Infrastructure on Large Transportation Projects
Join project engineer Dave DeJong from Stantec as he discusses how BIM for Infrastructure has allowed his team to tackle large roadway projects and new delivery methods.

On-Demand Webcast: Intersection Planning & Design
This webcast explores how BIM for Infrastructure makes it easier for planners to compile data and analyze the impacts of potential intersection layouts – from simple four-way stops through roundabouts and complex interchanges.

On-Demand Webcast: Reducing Requests for Information in Highway Construction
This presentation focuses on how engineering and construction firms can use BIM for Infrastructure to more effectively create cost estimates, project schedules and construction simulations to identify and resolve issues virtually before breaking ground.

Breakthrough 3D Modeling and Visualization Solutions
Discover breakthrough 3D modeling and visualization technologies. Check out this video series and see what's really possible in civil infrastructure design.

On-Demand Webcast: BIM for Infrastructure Webcast: MAP 21 Transforms Project Delivery
This presentation will discuss the importance of the MAP 21 initiative on the transportation industry.

On-Demand Webcast: Create with Vision
Join us for a conversation with technology manager David Kasha of Stantec and learn how their organization implemented BIM on the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) project, a Public Private Partnership funded project near Vancouver, B.C.

On-Demand Webcast: Integrating Drainage Analysis in Highway Design
This webcast focuses on drainage as it applies to road and highway projects – starting with watershed level drainage planning for potential highway corridors and moving into detailed design of overland and underground stormwater management.

On-Demand Webcast: Planning & Environmental Assessment
This presentation shows how geospatial data — such as information about parcels, existing roads, traffic data, wetlands and road conditions — is crucial to BIM workflows.

On-Demand Webcast: Visualization from the Highway Engineer's Perspective
This webcast presents solutions for engineering decision making using tools to check for driver safety, sun glare, lighting analysis, ease of road maintenance and more.