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Building Owners

Sustainable Design for Optimal Performance.

Maximize design efficiencies and minimize environmental impact for both new and existing structures. Purpose-built BIM facilities solutions from Autodesk can help optimize your government building performance.

COBie Toolkit for Revit
Download this toolkit that includes a Revit template to produce COBie spreadsheets in conjunction with Revit model development.

USACE Revit Templates
Click here to visit the USACE CAD BIM Technology Center web site. Standardizing on district neutral and project agnostic Revit template will ensure that graphic representations, data syntax, taxonomy and software environment are consistent, and that the end deliverable will satisfy industry and USACE CAD/BIM standards.

GSA Spatial Template for Revit
Download this Revit template that contains special project parameters, room schedules, schedule keys, and gross building area schedules that will assist Revit users in classifying rooms and areas in accordance with the GSA Space Assignment Guide specifications.

USAF S-File Template for Revit
Download this Revit template that has been set up with special project parameters, schedules, schedule keys, and floor area views - all related to classifying and attaching information to rooms and areas in accordance with the USAF Flight Plan for BIM and requirements for developing and exporting S-File data from Revit models.