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How can I authorise and register my product?
Contact information for the Registration and Authorisation department:
The general e-mail address may be used for requests. (Also see the question “How does the Registration and Authorisation procedure work?” further on for their explanations)
The URL provides access to the automatic registration and authorisation procedure via the Web. 

Whom should I approach for technical support?
Technical support will be provided by our authorised Autodesk dealers. You may find your authorised dealer via the dealer search engine at
In many cases, you may yourself obtain (technical) information at the special support site Among other things, this website contains a knowledge library, BigFix, downloads and discussion groups.


Is there an easier way to update software?
Yes, the Autodesk Subscription Program offers you a new way to manage your Autodesk software. The Autodesk Subscription Program is the easiest way to keep your Autodesk software up-to-date. For an annual fee, you will be entitled to obtain the latest versions, download periodic extensions (modular function extensions and improvements) and also take e-learning courses among other things. You can join by purchasing or upgrading to the latest release of your Autodesk software. For more information, purchase and price enquiries, you may approach one of our authorised dealers. More information may be found at

Where can I purchase an Autodesk product?
You may purchase Autodesk products from authorised dealers. You may find a dealer via the Dealer Search Engine at

Do you want to increase your knowledge and skill in using Autodesk software?
You may pursue a course at one of the Autodesk Authorised Training Centres.

What does ‘product retirement’ mean?
A retirement means that specific product versions are no longer available for purchase from Autodesk, and that it is no longer possible to upgrade and cross-upgrade from these versions. A retirement of this kind will be announced in advance and extensively communicated via the website, among other things.

How can I present my AutoCAD drawing digitally to third parties?
The Autodesk DWF format is suitable for the publication of your drawings. The free DWF viewer, a compact viewer, is available to all and can be independently used as a viewer or may be integrated into a website. From AutoCAD 2002 onwards, you will be able to create DWF files. The Autodesk DWF Composer enables you to view DWG drawings, convert the same to DWF, make annotations on and print the DWF.
The Autodesk DWF Composer comprises three software components: 

  • The Autodesk DWF Composer, to view DWF files including sheet sets, to make annotations and for plotting. The Autodesk DWF Composer has been provided with smart, easy-to-use tools for, among other things, placing text, lines, polylines, rectangles, ellipses and line diagrams. The annotations are made on a special layer. Furthermore, the composition of sheet sets can be changed, dimensions can be incorporated and placed, a browser provides a useful overview of the various annotations and the plot functionalities are available as in AutoCAD.
    AutoCAD 2005 offers an extra functionality. A DWF from a project created in AutoCAD 2005 will have a link whereby when the drawing is reopened, it will be directly placed over the correct section of the original drawing, which will be immediately loaded. Changes can therefore be made to the DWG quickly and easily. The DWF format cannot be opened in AutoCAD 2004 and older versions. The free DWF viewer, which can be downloaded from our website, can be used in such cases.
  • The Autodesk DWG Viewer, to view DWG files (tm 2005 DWG), to plot/print with functionalities as in AutoCAD and to convert the same to DWF format.
  • Autodesk DWF Writer, to convert files from other applications that cannot create DWF, into files in DWF format. It is a certified Microsoft Windows System printer driver that can convert files to DWF, for example files in MicroStation, SolidWorks and MS Office products.

More information may be found at

Are student version also available?
Yes, Autodesk offers various student versions. All the required information on this subject may be found at

Does Autodesk also have a product to view only drawings?
Yes, there are various possibilities for viewing drawings. The link lists all the viewers.

What is the difference between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT?
Please visit the AutoCAD LT site for all the necessary information.

Where can I find the system requirements for the Autodesk software?
The system requirements are specified on the website for each product. Click on "Products" at the top. In the list, click on the product of your choice. You will find the system requirements under the "Product Information" link. If the Products page contain no links, click on the link at the bottom to go to the US site where you can find details under "Features and Specifications", under "System Requirements".

Where can I find the right printer driver?

The drivers are supplied by the printer and plotter manufacturers and can often be downloaded from the Internet. A whole lot of drivers are supplied with AutoCAD, which may be found in the Autodesk Plotter Manager.
There are various drivers for the various AutoCAD versions and the specific operating systems. In some cases, Autodesk provides printer drivers, and these can be downloaded as service packs from Sometimes newly issued service packs also contain improvements in printing and plotting.

What should be done if my software is stolen and what are the preventive measures I should take?
Lost or stolen products are not replaced, irrelevant of the date of purchase. End-users who experience a loss or a theft of their software are expected to use their back-up copy to re-install the software and request a new product activation code, using their original serial number.  The most important preventive measure is therefore to ensure that your company is registered with Autodesk with the correct serial numbers. If the software as well as packing is stolen, your serial numbers are still known in Autodesk. Also retain a copy of CD and along with it, a list of serial numbers with related CD keys (this information is required during installation.)  If hardware locks are stolen, you should approach your insurance company.


How does the registration authorisation work?
General contact information:
You can get help on registration and activation from .
The URL provides access to the automatic registration procedure via the Web.

The principle
The latest new products come with a software protection, also termed a ‘software lock’ instead of a hardware lock used for earlier versions. After installation, you will have a few days to register and authorise the software to enable you to continue working with it. Registration and authorisation can be done via whereby registration is done once and authorisation can be requested once again if necessary.

For authorisation of your software, you will require the serial number and the request code. The software will create the request code during the installation. The request code is linked to the hardware configuration of your PC. If you change anything in this configuration, the software will generate a new request code and a new authorisation code will be required. A new request can be made for the same.

Various procedures
You can request an authorisation code via the selection menu of the software or by e-mail. The procedure is different for the standalone, network and educational software versions. While authorising an upgrade, the serial number of the earlier version will also have to be specified. The earlier version must already have been registered under the correct name. Mention the following in a request for authorisations by e-mail:

  • the serial number
  • the (modified) request code for a standalone, the server code (1536/... or 64/...) for a network licence, or server name and host ID (or Ethernet address) for a network licence onwards of version 2002.
  • the company details
  • a brief statement of why a new authorisation code is required.

Authorisations for educational versions may only be requested via e-mail or fax and not via the URL. A copy of the student identity card and the special "student verification form" will have to be sent.

Can an AutoCAD licence be transferred to another computer?
Since release 2000i AutoCAD has been using a software lock in which the licence for use has to be authorised. An authorised licence may be transferred to another workstation using the Portable License Utility (PLU). This tool is generally installed along with AutoCAD and can be started via the Windows Start/Programs/AutoCAD menu. The transfer of a licence may be required for example when a new computer is purchased to replace an old computer, or if one wants to use a licence at home in the evenings.

The idea behind the Portable License Utility is that the computers between which the licences may be exchanged are identified with respect to each other. This is done by creating a “pool” in which each machine is identified by a name that can be freely selected, together with a unique machine identification code (MIC) that will be generated by AutoCAD. This code can easily be requisitioned for each PC by starting up the PLU and then viewing the Import tab. AutoCAD can thus be installed on any desired computer and the authorisation can be transferred using the PLU. Take all due care while entering machine identification codes, since once exported, the authorisation can only be reset from the new workstation. The PLU has an extensive Help file.

Can a licence be transferred to another company?
The licence holder of Autodesk software is subject to the Terms and Conditions mentioned in the Autodesk software licence agreement (Autodesk software license agreement). This contract with Autodesk appears when the Autodesk product is opened/installed. This agreement clearly states that Autodesk software cannot be transferred to another company.

The Autodesk licence may be transferred in exceptional cases. If in your view there are special circumstances in which Autodesk may consider making an exception to the Autodesk software licence agreement, you may make an official request for the transfer of the licence. For more information, please contact your authorised Autodesk dealer.


Will Autodesk software also work with Windows XP?
A convenient table on shows the versions that will work under the new operating system.

What is the difference between a standalone and a network version?
A standalone version runs on a separate PC, in which (every individual) licence is protected by a ‘hardware lock’ or ‘software lock’.
A network licence runs on the network server and uses a ‘floating license manager’ in which you can log on to AutoCAD for example on any PC until the number of licences for which you are authorised is reached.

Is there also a network version for AutoCAD LT?
No, AutoCAD LT is only available as a standalone version.

How can I install my product?
The installation manual for a standalone and network version has been provided below. This manual may also be used for educational versions.

AutoCAD 2004, 2005 & 2006: Licence borrowing
Although as a rule, you should run AutoCAD® via a licence on a network licence server, there may be situations in which you have to work with AutoCAD when you have no access to the network. For example when you have to work at home or on location. Or perhaps a major overhaul of the network is planned and the entire department temporarily has no access to the network. With AutoCAD 2004 & 2005, a network licence may be borrowed (taken along) for a maximum of 30 days (180 days for AutoCAD 2006). You may bring your licence back earlier or simply let it expire, after which the licence will automatically return to the server. If you want to borrow a network licence, i.e for AutoCAD 2004 select 'Programs > AutoCAD 2004 > License Borrowing Utility' in the Start menu of Windows. The licence borrowing facility is an option that can be selected while installing a network version and therefore if you do not find this Help program, contact the CAD administrator.