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The ObjectARX® programming environment provides object-oriented C++, C#, and VB .NET application programming interfaces for developers to use, customize, and extend AutoCAD® software and AutoCAD-based products, such as AutoCAD® Architecture, AutoCAD® Mechanical, and AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software. A version of ObjectARX for AutoCAD® for Mac® software is also available, though not all APIs are available in the Mac version.

ObjectARX programming environment libraries provide versatile sets of tools with which AutoCAD API developers can take advantage of the open architecture of AutoCAD software. They also provide direct access to the AutoCAD database structures, graphics system, and native command definition.

ObjectARX technology helps you to develop fast, efficient, compact CAD applications. It enables power users to customize AutoCAD software and frees CAD designers from repetitive tasks. Smaller files, faster drawing operations, and smooth interoperability make an application built with the ObjectARX programming environment your best choice for a design software solution.