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Hytrol Conveyor Company depends on Autodesk to help it solve a pressing business need: speeding product customization, from the point of sale to delivery. Autodesk Consulting has provided Hytrol with insights into how the company can improve its business processes using a comprehensive Autodesk solution. With Autodesk® Inventor® Engineer-to-Order software (previously Autodesk® Intent™ software), the company is moving toward engineer-to-order (ETO) sales, effectively shortening its sales cycle and engineering time on customized products. Using a combination of AutoCAD® Mechanical and Autodesk Inventor® to create designs, Hytrol’s engineers are migrating from 2D design to 3D design. As a result, Hytrol will be able to vastly improve communication between engineers and the shop floor, speeding manufacturing by eliminating errors and reducing rework. With Autodesk® Vault, Hytrol is able to effectively manage its 2D and 3D designs and work in process, while Autodesk® Streamline has enabled the company to easily share designs and technical manuals with both employees and distributors.

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