Tecnológico de Monterrey: Student Design

“AutoCAD is an essential platform for design. Being able to use AutoCAD so proficiently has definitely helped all of us in our careers.”
—Enrique Yáñez Alvarado

Project Summary

Each semester, the most promising senior architecture students at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, México, come together in a design studio class called “Cátedra Blanca.” In the class, the students form small groups and develop collaborative design projects that focus on urban planning and architecture. In 2003, five students—Nadia Hobart, Francisco Maguey, Pablo Martínez, Rodrigo Ramos, and Enrique Yáñez Alvarado—undertook an unusually ambitious project: they designed a multi-use sports stadium, hotel, apartment complex, and shopping and convention center. The students designed the project, called Estadio Alameda, using the power of enthusiasm, inspiration, long nights, and AutoCAD. With help from AutoCAD, the students:

  • Completed the basic stadium design in only six weeks
  • Completed the presentation material in only four weeks
  • Mastered an essential professional tool
  • Impressed established architects, local politicians, and business leaders
  • Successfully launched careers in architecture

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Tecnológico de Monterrey (pdf - 403Kb)