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Discreet Ships New Versions of inferno, flame, flint, fire, smoke and lustre Systems

Montreal, Canada—October 28, 2004—Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc. is now shipping the following systems worldwide: inferno® 6, flame® 9 and flint® 9 real-time compositing and visual effects systems; fire® 6.5 and smoke® 6.5 non-linear editing and finishing systems, and the lustre® 2.5 digital colour grading system. These systems are primarily used in the feature film and television markets. 

Martin Vann, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Discreet, said, “These new versions of our visual effects, editing/finishing and digital colour grading systems exemplify Discreet’s commitment to developing innovative products for the entire digital content creation pipeline.”

Bill Roberts, director of product management for Discreet, added, “The creation of high-value television and film content has become increasingly complex; not only are sophisticated tools required, but also advanced media sharing and interoperability. Discreet’s new product versions give clients options for open, collaborative workflows that are essential for mastering at challenging resolutions like fully uncompressed 4K.”

What Clients are Saying
Jake Parker, senior flame system artist at Crash & Sue's (Minneapolis, MN), said, “Discreet has provided us with some great new tools for optimizing workflow and production. The new Open Access feature optimizes workflow by enhancing our ability to share files in a seamless manner.”

Parker continued, “In addition to the new collaborative tools, Discreet's continuous innovation in designing intuitive creative tools empowers the artists to focus on the art, not the tools. The tools are designed to ‘not get in the way’. For example, the new freehand garbage mask tool gives artists greater control, and the Clip History feature saves time by letting us quickly modify previous settings.” Crash & Sue's post-production workflow includes Discreet's flame and flint visual effects systems, and smoke editing/finishing systems.

Dale Carman, chief visioneer at Reel FX (Dallas, TX), said, “We've used Discreet’s flame 9 and smoke 6.5 on several recent projects and are very pleased with the enhancements. The flame system’s automatic 3D Tracker gives great results quickly. We used it to track several shots, from both 3D and live action footage, and they only required a minimal amount of tweaking. The Divide Layer Mode is also a strong feature, giving us more flexibility to handle matted footage.” Reel FX’s post-production workflow includes Discreet’s inferno and flame visual effects systems, combustion® visual effects software, fire and smoke editing/finishing systems, and backdraft® background media management and I/O software.

Carman continued, “As shots are finalized and rendered, the flame system’s soft import feature automatically updates the edit with the finished shots. This causes the process of reviewing dailies to change dramatically; it used to take hours on longer shows to import all the finished shots manually, but with the new soft import feature, the edit is always up to date. Not only does it save time, it also eliminates the human error factor that was present before with manual connections to the many remote directories.”

Tommy Hooper, colorist at Asylum (Santa Monica, CA), commented on Discreet’s lustre 2.5 system: “For me, the most useful tool by quite a margin is the lustre system’s ability to reference film output. I can't express how much time we saved by not having to go through multiple iterations of colour corrections. The vast majority of the timing was done only once. Other than the referencing, there are so many great colour tools in lustre, giving you numerous ways to achieve the look you're going for.” Asylum’s workflow includes Discreet’s inferno and flame visual effects systems, lustre digital colour grading system, and burn® network processing solution.
Key New Features: inferno 6, flame 9, flint 9
Discreet’s inferno 6, flame 9 and flint 9 systems offer a range of new creative features, including:

  • A spline-based warping and morphing tool that gives users unprecedented control using animated splines with support for tracking data;
  • 3D look-up-table (LUT) capabilities for accurate colour display;
  • An improved automated 3D Tracker that analyses a clip, selects the tracking points and processes the results in the background (inferno 6 and flame 9 only);
  • Clip history that allows artists to see how clips have been constructed and to quickly modify previous settings; and
  • Collaborative workflow enhancements like open file access, the ability to add schematic notes, and support for the Adobe PSD layered file format.

For a complete list of features in these systems, please visit

Key New Features: fire 6.5, smoke 6.5
The new versions of Discreet’s fire and smoke feature:

  • Off-load rendering to background processing systems for improved performance and interactivity;
  • Open access file features that allow Discreet systems to integrate with other workstations and share media stored on both third-party disk arrays and Discreet’s stone® shared storage area network (SAN);
  • The ability to import multi-layered Adobe Photoshop PSD files directly into Discreet’s Digital Video Effects environment (DVE) for tighter integration between graphic design and online editing;  
  • Support for burn, Discreet’s Linux-based network processing solution, allowing facilities to leverage a large pool of CPU power to render complex visual effects; and
  • Support for 3D Look-Up-Tables (LUTs) for advanced color management systems from Kodak (Kodak Display Manager), ARRI and Imagica.

For a complete list of features in fire 6.5 and smoke 6.5 systems, please visit

Key New Features: lustre 2.5
Developed in conjunction with Colorfront, a Budapest-based software development company, Discreet’s lustre 2.5 system exceeds the 12-bit 4K format proposed by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) and the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). lustre 2.5 features:

  • A 32-bit per component processing engine capable of both 4K (4096x3112 pixels) and real-time 2K (2048x1556 pixels) colour grading of 10-bit and 16-bit film scans;
  • The unique GMask shape system that provides colourists with better control over how the digital image can be graded and re-lit for advanced look design;
  • Luminance (L-S) curves for selective saturation adjustments based on different luminance ranges;
  • Inside-outside grading to simultaneously apply two different grades (one inside, one outside) to a selective shape;
  • An enhanced vector shape system including a new shape hierarchy with per-shape Axes and global adjustment tools for faster, more efficient shape animation; multiple shapes per selective channel; the ability to convert primitive shapes to freeform; and
  • New soft brush and other enhancements to dust-busting.

For a complete list of features and the range of scalable options in lustre 2.5, please visit

fire 6.5 and smoke 6.5 systems are available at no extra charge to all owners of fire 6 and smoke 6 systems covered by valid annual Discreet support contracts. North American pricing for a turnkey smoke 6.5 system on the Intel-based IBM workstation running Linux starts at US$68,000. For additional pricing, configuration and information on any Discreet system, please contact Discreet sales at 800-869-3504.

About Discreet
Discreet empowers media professionals to realize the visual experience and transform their most evocative and ambitious visions into reality. Discreet's award-winning solutions are designed for digital media creation, management and delivery—across all disciplines from film and television visual effects, color grading and editing to animation, game development, web/interactive, and design visualization. Discreet is based in Montreal, Quebec and is a division of Autodesk, Inc, the world's leading design and digital media creation, management, and distribution company.

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