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Tacton Design Automation for Autodesk® Inventor®

Tacton Design Automation enables design engineers and sales reps to quickly capture end-customer requirements and automatically create customized 3D models and 2D drawings from Autodesk Inventor.

Tacton Design Automation tools manage repetitive, routine design tasks so manufacturers can focus on developing and innovating their product lines. Sales teams gain maximum flexibility to configure products along with their customers and produce custom quotes in an instant, including drawings and visualizations. You also gain the advantage of automating CAD models for fabrication. With Tacton Design Automation, these steps can be reduced from months or weeks to hours or even minutes.

Tacton Design Automation highlights include:

  • Fully embedded in the CAD environment
  • Powerful, constraint-based configuration engine that can manage even the most challenging engineer-to-order and configure-to-order environments
  • Works seamlessly with business systems like ERP, CRM and PLM from leading vendors
  • Automatically proposes the optimal solution if conflicting or invalid options are selected
  • Simple, user-friendly point-and-click interface


  • Save time on redundant tasks
  • Reduce errors
  • Release key resources

Target Industry Segments:  Manufacturing, Fluid and Ventilation

Compatible with Autodesk products: Autodesk® Inventor® 2017, Autodesk® Inventor® 2016, Autodesk® Inventor® 2015,

Integration: Tacton Design Automation has a couple of windows present in the Inventor application. One is the main Studio where you set up your Tacton model, as well as create the connection to the CAD. One window is for the runtime (or end-user tool), when you start your configuration model the runtime windows opens to the left per default. A third window is the runtime debugger, which opens to the right per default, and lets you debug your model.

Studio is creating connection with the CAD document. Connecting Tacton component with Inventor component, Tacton parameter with Inventor parameter, etc. It also uses functionality such as Isolate (when connecting parameters), and Highlight component and parameters when selected in Tacton Studio.

The Studio Runtime updates the CAD model, in various ways:

  • 3D updates
    • Component suppression state
    • Material
    • Visibility
    • Parameter value
    • Feature suppression state
    • Relationship state
    • Custom iProperty value
    • Pattern state
    • Macro trigger

  • 2D updates
    • Drawing state
    • View position
    • View size/scale
    • View suppression state
    • Custom iProperty value
    • Annotation position
    • Layer state

Languages: English, but the complete application is translatable.

Countries:  Europe, US, Japan

Video: - Runtime - Studio

Additional information:

Company Information: 
Tacton Systems is the world leader in solutions for Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ), also known as sales and product configuration. Tacton’s solutions make it dramatically simpler to design, configure and sell products and services. The solutions integrate easily with surrounding systems and have standard integrations for many leading e-commerce, ERP, CRM, PDM, PLM, and CAD systems. Tacton is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with customers and resellers across the globe. Customers currently using Tacton’s solutions include ABB, Aker, Meyn and Siemens. Read more at

Contact Information: 
Tacton Systems
Blekholmstorget 30,
111 64 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 690 07 50