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Autodesk App Store: Selling a web service on a monthly or yearly subscription

There are two things you need to do to sell your web service on subscription on Autodesk App Store:

  1. Setup your app listing on Autodesk App Store as a paid App.
  2. Architect your app and/or backend webserver so it can correctly handle IPN notifications.

Setting up your Autodesk App Store App listing

To enable monthly or yearly subscription while submitting your App, you need to select “subscription” as the price type, as shown below.

Architect your web service so it can correctly handle subscription notifications

You need to create handler in your web service to receive the IPN notifications from the Autodesk App Store.  You need to enter your web service IPN handler in the “Publisher Corner” section as shown below. Activate your IPNs by pressing the Active IPNs button.

Handling Subscription in your web service

To sell your web service on a monthly or yearly subscription, you will need to perform below tasks in your web service

  1. Interprets the IPN notifications
  2. Manages User accounts
  3. Manages subscription end dates

Sample workflow of selling a web service on a monthly or yearly subscription:

  1. User buys your App from the Autodesk App Store
    When a user buys your web service, the Autodesk App Store relays the IPN notification to your web service’s IPN handler you registered during the App publishing workflow.
  2. Parse IPN data and create/edit user account
    Your web service will extract the information it needs from the IPN notification – e.g. email id, App name, subscription Id, payment Id, payment date.
    You will generate a unique user id/password and send it to the user (who has purchased the service) in an email. Your web service will add a new entry to the database you use to store your user data. The data you store will include the user’s email address, user id, password, and subscription end date.
  3. User sign-in to web service to use
    Once user receives the user id and password for the web service purchased, user logs-in to your web service and uses the service. Subscription end date stored in database is considered while allowing the user to use the web service.
  4. User renews the subscription
    When a user renews their subscription to your App, the Autodesk App Store relays the renewal IPN notification to the web service’s IPN handler. Your web service then extracts the information it needs from the IPN notification (user email Id,) and updates its database with the new subscription end date.

More information

The ADN team is here to help you be a successful publisher on Autodesk App Store. If you have any questions/doubts about selling a web service on a monthly or yearly subscription, then please email to