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App Buyers – Information

General Information for app buyers

To download/purchase an app you need to be signed in to Autodesk App Store.

For downloading trial and free apps you need to click on the button indicated.

Free App:

Trial App:

Paid App/Subscription App:

For downloading a paid app, click on the button shown. You can also purchase an app in bulk by entering the quantity you would like to purchase above the price.

Note 1: Currently you can purchase a maximum of 200 copies. Once you select the number of copies you want to buy click on the “Purchase” button.

Note 2: If publisher chosen “Monthly/Yearly recurring subscription” for their paid app, as a customer you must pay a subscription price to have access to the app/web service for a definite period of time. After the expiry of subscription date you will be charged the fee monthly/yearly unless they take action to cancel.

Note 3: If publisher chosen ’Free 30-day Trial’ for the paid/subscription app, then we suggest you to take advantage of this feature i.e. download the app for free trial and use it for 30 days. If you are satisfied with the app then go for purchasing/subscribing for an app.

Paid app:

Subscription app:

Autodesk Subscription Program App:

For downloading an Autodesk Subscription App, click on the Subscription App button. You need to be an Autodesk Subscription customer with an applicable Subscription to download that App. Once you sign-in with your Subscription ID the ‘Please Sign in First’ button will change to display ‘Download”.

The first time you click on a Download button for any Free/Trial/Paid/Subscription App, you’ll be prompted to read and accept the End user agreement.

Once you accept the End user agreement the download will start immediately for Free/Trial apps whereas for Paid apps you’ll be directed to the payment options. When you download your MSI file, just double-click on it from the saved location on your system to install the app.

If the Publisher has chosen PayPal as the payment system for the app, you can either pay through a PayPal account or pay with a debit or credit card.

If the Publisher has chosen BlueSnap as the payment system you can pay through different gateways offered by BlueSnap like Credit Card, Wire Transfer, eNets, Skill, PayPal, etc.  Also, you can choose the currency in which you want to make the payment. 

Note: When you click on the price button a new tab will be opened in the browser for the transaction.  If a new tab doesn’t open you need to disable the pop-blocker in the browser and try again by clicking on the price button.

If the app is purchased through PayPal, when the transaction is complete, you should be returned to the download page and the “Download Now” button should appear.

If the app is purchased through BlueSnap, when the transaction is complete, you should click on the app download page tab and click on the ‘Payment Successful’ button, if the transaction is successful. After this you should see ‘Download Now’ button to download the app file. If you still see the price button then please send an email to

Otherwise if the transaction is failed click on ‘Payment Failed’ button and please send an email to

You can view a list of apps you have downloaded from Autodesk App Store in the “MyDownloads” area This can be accessed via the little down arrow in the top right corner of the screen.

In “MyDownloads” section you will also see if there are any updates available for your apps.

Multi-seat license Distribution

If you have purchased the app in multiple quantity and app requires license to activate then you can use multi seat license distribution option to distribute the license and the app.

Please go to ‘My Downloads’ section in Autodesk App Store.

Find the Apps with multi-license

Click on ‘Distribute(x)’

You can send yourself an email with the distribution URL or copy the URL and then you can send the URL to the user to whom you want to distribute the license.

Once the end user receives the distribution URL link and login with the Autodesk App Store sign-in ID, they can see ‘Download Now’ button and clicking on it at the first instance shows following note.

After that end user need to close this note and click on ‘Download Now’ again then app gets downloaded.

Once recipient clicks the download button the license is distributed and you can see the distribution record on your my downloads page.

Click on ‘Record’

Distribution Records: