Topcon Positioning Group serves AEC professionals with its precision positioning technologies and workflow solutions for the global construction, surveying, civil engineering, mapping and GIS, asset management, agriculture, and mobile control markets.

Topcon and Autodesk collaborate on solutions specifically tailored for AEC applications. One example is the combination of Topcon’s LN-100 3D BIM layout tool and Autodesk’s software and cloud services that accurately create points in a 2D or 3D environment, position control, and layout those points with high accuracy on any construction site. As-built data from the field can be easily captured from the LN-100 3D BIM layout tool and then uploaded back into the design model via Autodesk’s cloud services for quality assurance and quality control review. Additionally, Topcon’s 3D scanning hardware supports Autodesk’s reality capture workflows; creating yet another integrated field to office solution.

Key Benefits for AEC Professionals
The partnership between Topcon and Autodesk is designed to allow building and civil infrastructure construction  customers to form a tighter, more seamless connection between the office and the field, increasing on-site worker productivity as well as improving overall quality, and field safety.

Positioning Versatility
When combined with Autodesk’s suite of cloud service solutions, Topcon is able to offer a seamless workflow and information transfer from office to field using traditional total stations, precision GPS receivers, or new specialty solutions such as the LN-100.

Performance and Value
The LN-100 3D BIM layout tool is a turnkey, layout solution that is easy to use and less than one-half of the cost of using more complex robotic optical instruments currently available to contractors today. The LN-100 instrument was specifically designed in collaboration with Autodesk to integrate with Autodesk cloud services, providing model-based layout as a means to more easily connect the office with field-level execution.

Innovative Precision
Topcon is a leading global manufacturer of high-precision measurement and control systems for the most demanding AEC applications. Our 85-year history includes many “world’s first” innovations including the first coaxial total station, fully integrated GNSS system, and high-speed earthmoving automation.

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