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RAMSIS®, one of the world's leading software solutions for ergonomics, is available for Autodesk® Factory Design Suite 2013 and Autodesk® Factory Design Suite 2014. Users can perform ergonomic analysis for factory planning and workplace layout.

Features include the fast generation of manikins based on gender and international databases, view analysis, reach analysis, integration of standards like NASA, NIOSH and max force analysis which helps users to perform optimal reachability and to simulate operability of all operating controls.

With RAMSIS, as a tightly integrated add-in for Autodesk Factory Design Suite, the human model can be incorporated in the early stages of planning and product development. By integrating human models into the process chain from the development stage all the way through to production, conceptual decisions and product revisions can be made more easily resulting in time and cost savings.

Target Industries:  RAMSIS, as a tightly integrated add-in for Autodesk Factory Design Suite, addresses companies in the field of factory and workplace design, i.e.

  • Manufacturing automotive supply industry
  • Manufacturing systems engineering
  • Discrete parts manufacturing

Compatibility:  Autodesk® Inventor® 2014, Autodesk® Inventor® 2013, Autodesk® Factory Design Suite 2013, Autodesk® Factory Design Suite 2014

Integration: RAMSIS is a tightly integrated add-in for Autodesk® Factory Design Suite.

When the corresponding add-In is loaded successfully a specific “RAMSIS” panel is added to the  user interface of Autodesk® Inventor® 2014 providing access to the RAMSIS functionality. An individual manikin is created as an assembly containing the manikin representation as well as additional RAMSIS-specific analysis geometries.


  • Incorporate human models in the early stages of planning and product development.
  • Supporting test sample containing reliable manikins with different anthropometry representing the different types of workers to be considered
  • Analyzing the workplace environment with respect to reachability of objects and visibility of control elements

Languages: English, German

Countries: United States, Europe

Autodesk Exchange Apps:  Available on the Autodesk Exchange Apps for Inventor

Company Information:

The Human Solutions Group has 200 employees. Its products - providing key technology for market and customer-orientation -  are sold worldwide, either directly by the Group or through partners in 50 countries.

In the Mobility sector, the ergonomic software RAMSIS integrates itself seamlessly into the existing CAD landscape, enabling for optimal interior design.

Contact Information: 
Human Solutions GmbH
Europaallee 10, 67657 Kaiserslautern,
Phone: +49 631 343 593 08