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CIDEON Vault® Professional® Integration to SAP®


CIDEON Vault Professional 2018 Integration to SAP PLM offers the basis for the intelligent exchange of development-relevant documents, material masters and bill of materials between Autodesk® Vault Professional 2018 and SAP ERP/PLM.

Engineers working with CAD files can bidirectional exchange attributes, classification and other data with a few mouse clicks. The data transfer between Vault Professional and SAP is highly configurable and can be adapted to your needs.

Operations are directly executed from toolbar or context menu commands directly in Autodesk Vault Professional or asynchrony by state change via Job Processor. By this means the data control is on the engineering side.


  • One-time data entry & data import
  • Support a broad range of information from design to manufacture to service
  • Continuous availability of current drawings, models and previews for other department, e.g. production planning, sales or  service
  • Ensures consistent release procedures throughout the company
  • Use of standard products & templates
  • Configurable menus and toolboxes
  • Target Industries:  Mechanical Engineering, Construction & Operations; Industrial Machinery and Components; Automotive and other

    Compatibility: Autodesk® Vault® Professional 2018, Autodesk® Vault® Professional 2017, Autodesk® Vault® Professional 2016, Autodesk® Vault® Professional 2015

    Integration:  The interface to SAP PLM is embedded directly in Autodesk Vault Professional – for direct SAP processing without leaving Autodesk Vault Professional application.

    The interface functionality is also available for Vault Job Server.

    Languages: English, German (other languages can be easily adapted)

    Countries: Worldwide

    Additional information: 

      CIDEON Vault Professional SAP Integration (pdf - 2.47MB)

    Company Information:
    CIDEON provides advice and support to businesses on implementing innovation and optimising engineering processes to raise performance, customer benefits and business value. They focus on the various sections within design as well as the administration and maintenance of product data through to the integration in inventory control systems.

    CIDEON is Autodesk Platinum Partner in the German speaking region, partner to PROCAD, a development partner to SAP SE and software partner to Dassault Systèmes.

    It employs around 300 personnel at 16 locations in DACH and USA. CIDEON is part of the Friedhelm Loh Group, and with the claim “CIDEON - efficient engineering”, provides expertise in mechanics and mechatronics as well as in ERP/PLM integration and engineering.

    With its claim “efficient engineering”, CIDEON provides expertise in mechanics and mechatronics as well as in ERP/PLM integration and engineering.

    Contact Information: 
    CIDEON America, Inc.
    92 West Lancaster Ave, Suite 120, Devon, PA 19333
    Phone: (484) 532-7800
    Fax: (484) 532-7802