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clever is your personal design assistant within Autodesk® Inventor®. In a graphical and intuitive way it shows you where your components are used, which variants are available, and allows you to search your entire Inventor data store. The displayed components can be opened, inserted or replaced. clever helps engineers to quickly understand dependencies, see alternatives and find the needed components. All from within Inventor in an attractive, yet simple way. clever is an add-in for Inventor which has no need for centralized database or other IT stuff. It just works!

Target Industries:  Machinery customers

Compatibility:  Autodesk® Inventor® 2014, Autodesk® Inventor® 2013

Integration: Inventor Add-In, 100% within Inventor


  • See and access where components are used
  • See and consume copies of components
  • Search over all properties of all your files

Languages: English

Countries: Worldwide

Autodesk Exchange Apps:  Available on Autodesk Exchange Apps

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Company Information:
Founded in 2009 by former Autodesk employees, coolOrange seeks, embraces and introduces proven technologies into Autodesk's eco-system. Manufacturing customers and resellers from around the world use coolOrange software and services to raise their Autodesk projects to the highest technical standards. Participants who come into touch with these technologies expand their horizon.

Contact Information: 
Via Bolzano 78, 39011 Lana,
Phone: +39 0473 495000