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Autodesk Exchange Apps - App Submission Process Overview

Please read through this information before and while submitting your first app to the Exchange store. It explains the basic workflow and provides some additional information to make publishing your app as easy as possible.

Submitting an app

To start your app submission, Go to the particular product store with which your app is compatible and click on the “Exchange Apps Developers” link displayed on the Exchange storefront:

You will be asked to login using your Autodesk Single-Sign-On account if you’re not already logged in.
Once you sign in, you will then be taken to a page showing the publisher profile.

  • The Publisher Contact Information is the email address we will use to send you automated email notifications when your app is downloaded, and where we will contact you for any additional information we need while reviewing your app.
  • If your App is a paid App you have a choice of using BlueSnap (an international payment gateway used by some Autodesk product groups) or PayPal. You will need to add either a PayPal email address or required BlueSnap information. If you have any questions about which platform to choose please contact
  • For PayPal you should have either a PayPal Business Account or a Premier Account. Refer to this additional documentation for PayPal account settings required for the Exchange store.
  • For BlueSnap to setup an account, please go through the steps outlined in the Blue Snap Guidelines.
  • If you have implemented the IPN Handler to take an action in response to IPN messages received from Exchange Store, you can provide that valid IPN Listener URL. (See the ADN IPN Example)
  • The Publisher Contact Information and PayPal Email for Payments or BlueSnap Information applies to all apps you publish. If you edit this in one app, it will change for all of them. Note: If you choose to use PayPal, please make sure you use your master PayPal email address as 'PayPal account' in Autodesk Exchange store.
    Save Publisher profile and Save BlueSnap information (if you have added any) then click ‘Publish a New Product’ to proceed.
  • Next you will see some publishing information and a publisher agreement. Make sure you read this information carefully and click “I agree” to accept the agreement. Click the Continue button to move to the publish workflow.

  • Select the type of the app you plan to submit .i.e. Desktop based or browser based app
  • Browser based app: Customer can use your app that runs in a Web browser without having to install it on a local hard drive. IPN listener URL in the Publisher profile is a must to submit Broswer Based app.

  • Select the Operating system for the app from the dropdown list.

Note: If you have different bundle/installer for each operating system, you need to add the app submission information again by using ‘Add new OS/language version’ for respective operating system that app supports Using the clone option available in the app detail page, most of the details are prepopulated from your first submission of the app, therefore you can quickly submit the app for different operating system and language.

  • Select the language for the app from the dropdown list.

Use the Save as Draft button to save your app submission so you can continue it later. You can access your app at any time from the MyUploads screen – see 'Editing an existing app'.

App Submission Form

  • Enter information for your app in the textboxes on the form. 
  • The App Description textbox allows long descriptions (i.e. 4000 characters). This is where you should include a detailed description of your app. Customers will read this section to see if your App is worth buying/downloading. If your app is a trial version you must include information here on the type of trial or limitations of the trial.
  • Also, in App Description textbox you can use formatting and bullets and include links to your company websites or videos. For hyperlinks, type the URL and select the URL and using Insert/Edit link option make the URL hyperlinked. If you have both a trial and paid app version in the store you can link between the pages.

  • Desktop Based App: To upload your app files, click the Choose File button and select your file in the dialog that appears. Browser Based App: Enter the Web service URL of your app.
  • Your App File is your installer, your zipped app files, or PDF files.
    If you are supporting multiple languages in a single bundle/installer then upload the same file while submitting for each language.
  • Please also upload PDF files unzipped.

  • Your App Icon is the icon displayed on the store to represent your app. Quality icons are very important as the icon is the first impression the customer gets. Icons should be pictorial and convey a concept about your app. There is no need to put the name of your company or the name of the app on the icon.
    Icons that are too small, not legible, or do not have a border/are framed will not be considered.
  • We recommend 80x80 pixels for your icon.
  • If you’re looking for a free icon editing tool, then you might consider GIMP, Paint.NET or something similar.
    Refer to Icon Guidelines and Template for guidance and specifications.
  • Add up to 10 App Screenshots. Adding screenshots is a good way to showcase your app. Once you’ve uploaded each image, a text box will appear in which you should enter the text that will accompany the screenshot. Screenshot images will be scaled to fit the views that Exchange supports for screenshots. Recommended maximum image size and dimensions: 2000 pixels wide x 2000 pixels high, DPI: 96 or 72 pixels per inch (PPI), maximum file size 20MB.
  • You can also add your app demo videos posted in Autodesk Screencast or posted in YouTube.
  • Select Certifications, if your app is already certified Autodesk (Note: Currently, this certification is applicable to Inventor, Vault and Simulation apps only.)

  • Enter the information for your app that we can use to create a standard format quick start helpfile. This will be included with your app- It is very important that you provide enough information about your app so that end users can easily use your app.
  • If you’re using our standard installer template (i.e. we are creating the installer for you) then just write ‘standard text’ in the Installation/Uninstallation textbox, and we’ll substitute the correct text for you when we review your app.
  • Author/Company Information: use this textbox to include information you would like users to know about the company or people who created this product. This section is a great way to promote your company and your services – provide a brief description to highlight your experience or expertise.
  • The Support Information textbox must include details on how a customer can contact you for support (e.g. email this email address, or visit this webpage). 
    Click Continue to proceed.

  • It is highly recommended that you include a web URL.
  • If you set a Price, the value you enter must be numeric only (i.e. don’t use $, £, ¥, €, etc.). All prices are in US Dollars.
  • Note: You will not be able to change the payment type once "Monthly recurring subscription(USD)" is selected.
  • Select “Monthly recurring subscription” if customer must pay a subscription price to have access to the app/webservice for a definite period of time. After the expiry of subscription date customers will be charged the fee monthly unless they take action to cancel.
  • For Browser Based App you need to select the appropriate login type i.e. how an end user can login to your Web service?.

    App Compatibility:

  • Click on the ‘down arrow’ symbols to extend a product family list.
  • Select all the Autodesk products your app is compatible with.
  • If a product isn’t listed here, then it means that it is not supported by the store at this time. Please contact us for information on unlisted products you’re interested in.
    Marking your app as compatible with a product means that:
    You have tested your app with that product
    You are able to support customers using your app with that product.
    AutoCAD means ‘vanilla’ AutoCAD only. It does not include an AutoCAD vertical running its ‘vanilla’ profile.
  • A list of Categories will be displayed for each Product you have selected under the Compatibility.
  • Select up to 4 categories that apply to your application for each product it is compatible with, and add a custom category if needed.
  • Don’t spam customers by selecting Categories that are not relevant to your app.
    Click Continue to proceed.

App Summary Screen

  • This is a summary of the information you entered about your app.
  • Click the Preview Button to open a new browser tab showing how your app will look in the store.
  • Use the Back button to go back through the workflow to change any information that you don’t like in the Preview.
    Click the Finish button if you’re happy with the Preview.

  • Click the Submit button to complete the app submission.
  • Use the Add new language version/Clone button to add new supported language for the app.
  • Use the Delete the app button to completely delete all language versions of the app

You should be contacted by an app reviewer within two weeks of submitting your app. Please email if you have not heard from us within that time.

Access download information

In addition to receiving download notifications via email, once the app is published you can go to "My Uploads" and you will see a column with a number by clicking on that number you can download a CSV report for that particular app. By clicking on ‘Download Records’ you can download a CSV reports of all your apps in a zip file.

Using Notification Settings you can set how frequently you want to receive the app downloaded notification.

Editing an existing app

  • You will then be prompted to log in using your Autodesk Single Sign On account.
  • To edit, use Manage button corresponding to your application as shown below.

  • Use Edit button to edit the corresponding language version shown below.

  • Use Delete button to delete the corresponding language version shown below.

  • Use Clone button to add new supported language for the app.

When you update an app there are two possible scenarios:

1.  If you update only the app description the updated content is Auto Published without review by Autodesk. Exceptions to this include a modification to your actual file uploaded or a change in the price type – e.g. from trial/free to paid or change to product (version) compatibility.

 2.  Modifications as noted above that require review. When you update an app your existing version will remain in the store until it is reviewed and replaced with the updated version. To update an app, login and go to My Uploads via the upward pointing arrow in the top right side of the screen.

Click the Manage the app and click edit button to move to the publishing workflow.

  • To upload updated files:
        - Click the Remove button.
        - Click the Choose Files button and select your file in the dialog that appears.
  • Update only the information you wish to change.
  • Once the updated app is submitted for review, the app will have two versions - a "live" version and an "Edited" version.

Adding Entitlement for a customer

For paid apps that are live, you can grant/add entitlement for a customer to enable them to download the app without purchasing it.

Please go to and login using your credentials.

Click on ‘Manage’ next to the app for which you want to provide access to customer.

In app details page, click on ‘Download Entitlement Management’ then click on ‘Add’

Add the email address of the customer and select the quantity then click ‘ok’.

At any point of time you can remove the entitlement by using option ‘Delete’.

Binding Feature on Autodesk Exchange Store:

Using the binding feature, you can provide an option for the user to download an app for free when they purchase another app. You can do this by grouping the Apps in the ‘MyUploads’ section of Autodesk Exchange Apps. Note: This feature is available only for binding paid apps which are live in the Autodesk Exchange Apps. We anticipate that this feature will be primarily used when releasing a new version of your app, when you want customers who own your old app to get the new version for free or customers buying the new version to get the old version for free.

To bind apps:-

Go to

Click on ‘Download Entitlement Group’

Click on ‘Add Group’

Click on newly added group, on New Group under Group Name, and then you’ll get an option to edit the name of the group.

After adding the name click on the check mark next to it, this would save the new group name.

Click on the blank field under Apps column and then you’ll get an option to edit.

When you click on edit option, a pop window appears with a list of paid apps which are live in the store.

Select apps which you want bind it and click on ‘Ok’ option.

Now, you can see the apps which are grouped together in the Apps column.

At any point of time you can unbind these apps by deleting the group using option ‘Delete’.

More information

The ADN team is here to help you be a successful publisher on Autodesk Exchange store. We’ll do whatever we can do to help you. You are welcome to email if you have any further questions after reviewing these guidelines and the other documentation on

Thank you for participating on Autodesk Exchange Apps.