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Autodesk App Store – PayPal Account Setup

This information applies only to Apps sold for a fee on Autodesk® App Store. It is important to check your settings are as described in Required PayPal® Settings for Autodesk App Store below.

Recommended PayPal account types

Publishers with fee-based Apps are required to have either a PayPal Premier or Business Account to collect their fees.

  • PayPal Premier accounts allow publishers to use their individual name and don't cost anymore than a personal account.
  • PayPal Business Accounts allow publishers to conduct business under a company or group name and also don't cost anymore then a personal account. 

Click here to see PayPal account type comparison

NOTE: If you're setting up a new account "Website Payment Standard" is sufficient—this has no setup fees and can accept not only buyers with a PayPal account, but also anyone with a credit card even without a PayPal account.

Enable IPN notification

Required: Autodesk App Store uses PayPal as its payment vendor. In order for customers to be able to successfully purchase your app, you must ensure you did not ‘Disable’ IPN notification.

If your account was newly created, or you never set any IPN notification (i.e. IPN turned Off), you can ignore this paragraph. For other people, make sure to not ‘Disable’ IPN (see below). The IPN URL can point anywhere – e.g. to your own payment server - because Autodesk App Store will override it as necessary when processing a payment. If you are unsure, you can just use the Autodesk App Store override

To change your IPN settings, log into your PayPal Premier or Business account under My Account, and click on the Profile and settings.

From the Left Nav: Click on My Selling Tools

From there, find Instant Payment Notification under Getting paid and managing my risk and click Update.

You will see the IPN preferences page and click on Choose IPN Settings button.

Enable IPN messages by selecting the Receive IPN messages radio button and type a value in the Notification URL field.

Save the changes by clicking on the Save button, and you will be redirected to the IPN preferences page where you will see that IPN is now enabled:

Enabling Auto-return

Required: For better customer experience and to avoid extra clicks, you need to activate Auto-Return so PayPal will automatically redirect your customer back to Autodesk App Store after purchasing your app. You need to enter a Return URL to validate this optional step – it can be your own website or the Autodesk App Store default Return URL: See example below.

Checking for failed purchases

If a customer reports to you that a purchase failed, look at your IPN History to get information about the transaction. On IPN history you can see all the IPN notifications that were sent and their status.

To access the IPN History page, log into your PayPal account and find the IPN History link under the History menu:

In that page are all the IPN notifications sent and their state:

The retrying notification status indicates that a transaction wasn´t successful. PayPal will try several times until it successfully completes a transaction. Clicking on the message ID can show you more details about the transaction.

If a customer reports a failed PayPal transaction after you have correctly set your IPN settings, please email mail to report the problem.