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KKM Soft: Autodesk reseller; member Autodesk Developer Network

India-based Autodesk Inventor Professional software reseller helps customers increase productivity, reduce design cycle times, and improve project experiences.

Autodesk Inventor Professional reseller helps customers increase productivity, save time and costs.

"One customer is now generating four times as many drawings in the same amount of time, and for less money. Not only that, but with the Inventor system we came up with, even their sales people can generate their own drawings, simply by selecting some basic parameters and keying in a few values."

—Kirubakaran, Chief Technology Officer, KKM Soft

Project Summary

It was 1998 when KKM Soft first opened its doors as an Autodesk reseller in the region of Chennai and Coimbatore in the state of Tamilnadu, India. Back then, KKM Soft dealt mainly in providing 2D AutoCAD® software solutions to a variety of automotive and industrial machinery clients.

“We have always done well as an Autodesk reseller,” says Kirubakaran, chief technology officer at KKM Soft. “Some in the industry, however, started thinking of KKM as simply a software vendor or ‘box seller,’ and we knew we were capable of much more. Around 2006, we saw an opportunity to significantly broaden our services and play a much larger role as consultants. We wanted to show people that we could do more for them and, more important, that they could do much more with customized solutions.”

It was also in 2006 that KKM became a member of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN). Since then, KKM Soft has been thriving, significantly increasing the scope of its work, helping more customers increase productivity, reduce design cycle times, and improve their project experiences with customized methods and solutions based on Autodesk® Inventor® Professional software.

The Challenge

Autodesk Inventor Professional reseller KKM Soft helps customers improve productivity.

“In 2006, there was a great deal of activity in software development here in India,” says Kirubakaran. “It was particularly pronounced in the area of engineering and engineering automation. There were a great many engineering services companies in India, but almost no customization or consulting companies. We thought it looked very promising.”

That promise has paid off for KKM Soft, but taking advantage of the opportunity required the company to reinvent itself as a more comprehensive solution provider.

“We were perceived as just a 2D seller,” says Kirubakaran. “It took a little time, but we were able to get the message out that we could provide customized solutions that could combine 2D and 3D for much greater productivity. Soon enough, we were speaking to top management at some very large companies, and our reputation was growing.

A significant challenge to the burgeoning Indian industry comes with the fact that, while companies are experiencing annual growth of nearly 20 percent, their skilled workforce has been declining at approximately the same rate.

Skilled workers are aging, and all that knowledge and expertise is retiring with them. What’s more, customer inquiries are increasing at a much faster pace than the businesses are.

“Companies began receiving five times more inquiries than they were capable of handling. Not only did they have to generate production drawings and respond faster to proposal drawings from customers, they had to ensure a greater level of accuracy than ever before,” says Kirubakaran. “Companies were finding that they either had to increase manpower to meet growth, or they had to increase the output of their software investments. That’s where KKM and Autodesk can help.”

The Solution

KKM Soft began meeting with potential customers and proposing custom automation programs that run on Autodesk Inventor Professional software.

“At larger companies, it is vital that we carefully study their existing design processes, and precisely determine what is working well and what is not working well,” says Kirubakaran. “We then put together a comprehensive presentation showing how KKM and Autodesk software can help.”

With help from Autodesk software, KKM Soft has been helping a great deal. In an industry that considers a 15 percent improvement in productivity as a good return on investment, KKM Soft has been able to show clients how to speed up design processes by as much as 75 percent, and at a fraction of the cost.

“Our clients have been very pleased,” says Kirubakaran. “One customer is now generating up to four times as many drawings in the same amount of time, and for less money. Not only that, but with the Autodesk Inventor system we came up with, even sales people can generate their own drawings, simply by selecting some basic parameters and keying in a few values. Without needing to know much about drawing, software, or even engineering, people can easily generate not only proposal and production drawings, but also calculate costs, select materials, and more. And they can do all of that in an hour.”

The Result

The last few years have been very good ones for KKM Soft, and the future continues to look bright. The company now has 50 full-time employees, and its workforce continues to grow. KKM Soft is also planning a major expansion in the near future, which includes adding four new Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC®) sites to its current two. On the consulting side, KKM is also opening new branches in Singapore.

Of all the company’s successes, however, Kirubakaran seems most pleased with KKM Soft’s status as a trusted adviser to its clients. “We have developed such good relationships with top management that when they have a problem, they just call us first to see if we can automate something for them,” he says. “It is a good feeling to be trusted that way. And even better than that, we bested our competition.”

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