Pictometry for AutoCAD Map 3D helps give GIS professionals, planners, and civil engineers the ability to apply real world visual context to infrastructure assets, such as utility networks, roads and highways, and buildings by delivering a unique combination of high-resolution oblique and ortho aerial imagery inside AutoCAD® Map 3D®.

Pictometry’s oblique imagery is captured at an angle, creating a more natural three-dimensional view from the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western directions, enabling users to see land features and structures clearly, and in their entirety. Additionally, Pictometry’s ortho imagery is captured to mitigate shadows, building lean and atmospheric degradation, providing a truer and more natural image. Pictometry imagery also includes a wide range of analytical tools and embedded geospatial data, allowing users to mine information that would typically require field deployments.

With Pictometry, Map 3D features, such as pipes, manholes, electric utility lines, parcels and road centerlines can be accurately displayed on top of dimensional imagery providing a powerful way to visualize spatial data. Pictometry imagery can also be used as a visual backdrop for interacting with Map 3D content, including creating new content as well as editing and attributing existing content, leading to a much more intuitive user experience.

Key Benefits of Pictometry for AutoCAD Map 3D

  • Pictometry for AutoCAD Map 3D users get on-demand access to Pictometry’s145 million image library and other geospatial content directly within their Map 3D environment.
  • With Pictometry for AutoCAD Map 3D, users can accurately measure numerous geographic details, including distance, height, areas, latitude/longitude coordinates, and directional bearing and relative positioning within a visual environment.
  • Pictometry for AutoCAD Map 3D helps you validate the accuracy of Map 3D feature locations such as telephone poles, manholes, and road centerlines by visually comparing the locations of the data to the locations in the imagery.

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