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The partnership between Autodesk and Design Data provides structural engineers with a seamless integration between Revit® Structure for BIM and connection design with the SDS/2 Connect Add-in for Revit Structure.

SDS/2 Connect enables structural engineers using Revit Structure for BIM to intelligently design steel connections and produce detailed documentation on those connections.

SDS/2 Connect is the only product that enables structural engineers to design and communicate steel connections based on their Revit Structure design model as an active part of the fabrication process.  Bridging this information gap between design and fabrication shortens timelines, enhances project communication and ultimately lowers project costs.

Key Benefits for Structural Engineers

  • The connection between Revit Structure and SDS/2 Connect allows for design connections in the Revit Model to automatically be created ready for fabrication.
  • Revit Structure and SDS/2 Connect provides better engineering control through improved accuracy of model and increased efficiency in designing connections for fabrication.
  • Enhanced collaboration structural engineers can seamlessly transfer models and updates to improve communication with structural fabricator/detailers.

For more Information visit the SDS/2 website

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For more Information visit the Design Data website.