Through seamless integration via a link between Autodesk® Revit® Structure and SOFiSTiK structural analysis solutions, structural engineers can integrate structural analysis and code checking into BIM workflows. Engineers can drive analysis models directly from Revit Structure to analyze slabs, walls, columns, families, point line and area loading, load cases, support conditions and grids. Furthermore, SOFiSTiK develops software to increase productivity creating formwork and reinforcement drawings.

Structural Engineering Benefits

  • SOFiSTiK analysis solutions with a direct link to Revit Structure provides seamless integration for Finite Element analysis
  • Access to Germany country kits for Revit Structure provide access to specific content to meet local needs
  • SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2014" significantly accelerates the creation of 2D reinforcement sheets out of 3D models in Revit. The product consists of software and a set of families, which can easily be modified to meet local or company standards. Creation of bar lists, bending schedules and cut lists for wire meshes is included as well.

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