Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop

The Autodesk® Digital STEAM Workshop prepares secondary school students for rewarding careers in design, engineering, architecture, and entertainment through a highly visual, project-based learning experience that explores science, technology, engineering, art, and math through real-world global challenges. The curriculum is designed to engage and stimulate curiosity, offering students a rich experience with Autodesk software while developing key 21st century skills. Students have the opportunity to explore not only the software tools, but also a variety of career paths through real-time 3D, games, easy-to-follow videos, and industry projects.

The Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop supports Autodesk® Design Academy and Autodesk® Animation Academy customers, offering a scaffold learning experience that builds in difficulty. Comprehensive resources for teachers include lesson plans, evaluation rubrics, and academic standards, and support easy integration into existing classroom materials or use as is. Regardless of software expertise, the Digital STEAM Workshop helps teachers focus on teaching rather than on technology and offers students a fun, interactive learning experience that leads to academic success with Autodesk software.

Experience and Download the Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop