License Compliance

Korea Multimedia Presentation Association: SAM

South Korean architectural graphics firms make software asset management (SAM) a high priority, reducing costs by improving control over Autodesk software licenses.

The Korea Multimedia Presentation Association (KMPA) is comprised of 13 member companies dedicated to developing highly professional, realistic renderings for the architecture industry. Sparked by a KMPA-led initiative, six KMPA members underscored their commitment to being reliable business partners by working closely with Autodesk to improve their software asset management (SAM) programs. These companies—Into Neo Graphics, I Works Graphics, Rayus, C2K Solutions, Blue Square, and Archimode—develop striking imagery using only genuine licensed software, including Autodesk® 3ds Max® software and Autodesk® Maya® software. By implementing more robust SAM programs, KMPA members can now more effectively:

  • Maintain a controlled and transparent software environment
  • Improve corporate governance
  • Save costs by reducing under-deployed licenses
Member companies of the Korea Multimedia Presentation Association use SAM programs to better control Autodesk software licenses

The Challenge
KMPA is the pre-eminent association of architectural computer graphics firms in South Korea. Members lead the field in experience, expertise, and references. Customers who turn to KMPA members for 3D architectural images and other renderings expect excellent results, which are delivered with help from Autodesk software.

“Autodesk software is a mainstay of 3D architectural visualization,” says Mr. Sooin Kim, team head at Into Neo Graphics. “Our customers are large construction companies that demand high-resolution imagery, and some even specify that we use Autodesk 3ds Max to deliver it. It’s only by using Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and other Autodesk applications that we’re able to provide the realistic, groundbreaking imagery our customers want.”

But managing Autodesk and other software licenses has not always been easy for KMPA members. The companies lacked clear, complete licensing information, particularly on new versions of software.

“When KMPA members used newly merged software titles or older versions of software via subscription, they sometimes got confused about how to stay compliant with software licensing policies,” notes Mr. Kim.

The Solution

When KMPA members were approached by Autodesk to discuss SAM, they realized it was an opportunity to shore up their internal programs. With help from Autodesk and their local reseller, they got the SAM training they needed to identify the holes in their SAM programs.

“We learned that writing an effective license position (ELP) was the first step in evaluating our SAM maturity,” says Mr. Kim. “As part of the ELP, each firm conducted an audit by software type and quantity to understand exactly where they stood.”

With this understanding in hand, the firms purchased licenses for over-deployed software to come into compliance with all their license agreements. Then, they got help setting more robust ongoing SAM practices.

“Autodesk and KMPA’s reseller helped to improve competency around two pillars of SAM: software distribution and deployment and software monitoring and management,” says Mr. Kim. “For example, our company now requires IT staff to install software on individual workstations and all incidents and problems to go through the helpdesk. In addition, we have our SAM managers meet regularly with IT staff and the helpdesk to update everyone on new products and licensing policies.”

The Result

Now, six KMPA members not only lead the way in delivering extraordinary imagery to their customers, they have solidified their credentials as trustworthy partners. They have more controlled and transparent software environments and improved corporate governance. “It’s very important that KMPA members follow the rules of business,” says Mr. Kim. “We want our customers to have complete faith in our integrity and reliability.”

Member companies of the Korea Multimedia Presentation Association use SAM programs to better control Autodesk software licenses

In addition, member companies are now better able to deploy their software strategically because they understand better which titles they use heavily—and which they might not need. With improved SAM processes, KMPA members can also keep remote sites compliant with the end-user licensing agreements, even for newly merged software titles. In addition, SAM can help member companies reduce software over-deployment and the potential associated penalties. And because companies have a better sense of which software they have deployed, they can more quickly and cost-effectively resolve problems when they occur.

By taking SAM seriously and working in partnership with Autodesk to improve SAM processes, KMPA member companies have demonstrated their leadership, setting them apart from the competition. Mr. Kim concludes: “From consulting to SAM planning, methodology, and materials, we’ve received invaluable support from Autodesk. As a result, not only are the SAM programs of KMPA members more robust, we have a closer, more valuable relationship with Autodesk.”