Autodesk Consulting

Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

The Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri uses Autodesk Consulting to implement a facility management system.

The Project

In its institutional role of providing support to the Presidente del Consiglio (Prime Minister), the Italian Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri (Presidency of the Council of Ministers) needed to implement an IT system capable of supporting its suppliers in the delivery of services, in particular to streamline building maintenance services. Such services include ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, ranging from replacing light bulbs to repainting and restoring a fresco or an artistic ornament to maintaining garden areas both inside and outside the buildings hosting the Presidenza del Consiglio.

The Challenge

To efficiently manage all maintenance issues and requirements of the 20 large buildings in this complex environment, the Presidenza del Consiglio needed access to comprehensive tools. To help evaluate the implementation of a systems database, the Presidenza del Consiglio brought in Autodesk Consulting as a first step.

The decision was made to map all areas of the Presidenza del Consiglio’s environment. In addition, all assets of the technology furnishings of the work environments were assessed—air conditioning systems, doors, windows, and more.

The Solution

“We were aware of the project’s complexities and that no existing facility management system could have fully addressed them,” says Fabio Santoro, facility manager. “This is why we decided to rely on Autodesk, both for the consolidated market leadership and company solidity as well as the expansion and customization possibilities of its solutions. Autodesk has proven it is the ideal partner with whom to design an ad hoc solution, capable of completely responding to all our requirements.”

The solution proposed by Autodesk is a facility management system based on AutoCAD® Revit® Architecture Suite software, which enables users to introduce and manage asset-related information, connecting them to an internal database containing real estate–related graphical and alphanumeric information for all assets within the Presidenza del Consiglio’s environment. This information is accessible through Autodesk MapGuide® software, a flexible web platform for the publication of graphic and GIS data, enabling the rapid, simple, and cost-effective publication and distribution of spatial information through the web.

With the help of Autodesk Consulting, Presidenza del Consiglio officials chose to implement a solution consisting of four modules. One module manages real estate assets and enables users to leverage both graphical and alphanumeric object-related information in the system’s database.

A second module manages technical support requests. Users issue a support request, for example, to replace a device that is not functioning. This request starts a process that categorizes it as ordinary or extraordinary, and sends it to the supplier responsible for that particular maintenance service.

An additional module enables programmed planning of support activities, such as maintaining the garden areas, replacing consumer materials, and so on. The system enables the Presidenza del Consiglio to create forms that the global services provider can distribute to its employees to help them plan their daily activities.

Finally, the solution includes a reporting system that enables the staff in charge of invoicing and accounting to control and evaluate all the activities delivered by the global services provider.

The Result

As a result of the implementation of this facility management system, the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri and its global service providers can rely on a wealth of information previously unavailable. Today, the Presidenza del Consiglio uses a tool enabling decision makers and those who manage financial accounts to constantly monitor maintenance management costs, querying the system for the current balance.

“For us the database created by Autodesk Consulting represents a container of information that was previously inaccessible and could not have been viewed through a unified system,” says Santoro. “Having access today to such a wealth of information has given us a level of operating control that was previously unthinkable.”

“The system’s flexibility also enables us to formalize a series of processes such as authorization requests for extraordinary operations, or in the case of office relocations, evaluate in advance the costs of the operations. The procedure is to enter a request that generates an estimate that is evaluated by the technical management division of the Presidenza del Consiglio, which decides whether to approve this request or to enter the process by requesting a pricing revision, communicating formally with the service provider through rational, formal, and predefined processes.”

“We are fully satisfied with the solution implemented by Autodesk Consulting, which we found easy to use, intuitive, and immediate and has helped in the implementation of more efficient processes,” concludes Santoro. “One of the next goals is to extend the use of this in order to manage employee and logistics-related information.”

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