Design Visualization

Submission Process

Follow the steps below to submit your work. We look forward to hearing from you.

Step 1: Provide Your Contact Information

Use the form below to let us know that your submission is on its way.

Step 2: Review the Recommended Formats & Guidelines

Please supply a 'naked' picture together with your logo on CD as a 32bit *.tga file with alpha channel (or equivalent), or ensure proper credit information (logo, name, watermark) is included clearly on the bottom right corner of your footage.

NOTE: We’re always looking for great still imagery, so please send us still images on CD at the highest resolution possible (72 - 300 dpi) in JPG, TIF, TARGA format.

Recommended Formats & Guidelines (pdf - 101Kb)

Step 3: Complete the License & Permission Form

Fill out and include a copy of this form with your mailed submission. We are here to help you should you need assistance in obtaining permissions. Contact us at the number below.

License & Permission Form (pdf - 0Kb)

Step 4: Send In Your Work

Mail your work and the License & Permission Form to:

35 Nazareth Street
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H3C 2L2
Attention: Client Relations

Autodesk Contact Information

For any additional information, or for our courier account number, feel free to contact us. Within North America: Toll free at 1-800-869-3504.

Julie Fauteux