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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems are becoming an increasingly important business tool for best in class mid-sized manufacturing firms, optimizing their manufacturing planning, resource allocation and procurement processes.

One of the major challenges facing such firms is integrating these business processes with the flow of information from their engineering teams in the form of design data and documentation. Disconnected ERP and PDM systems here introduce error and inefficiency resulting in higher production costs, rework and delivery delay, but there is not always a simple or obvious means of connecting these systems to provide a reliable exchange of data.

N+P product NuPc0nnect®ERP delivers a flexible point of integration which can be configured to provide the business critical information to your ERP system and simplifies the ongoing data update process.

There are different versions of NuPc0nnect®ERP:

        • The integration in business workflows via the PDM system is part of the premium edition
        • The direct exchange between Autodesk Inventor and the ERP system without PDM defines the standard edition

NuPc0nnect®ERP, helps enable sharing of CAD data from Autodesk® Vault Professional software into a number of industry standard ERP systems including APplus, PSIPENTA, Sage Office Line, OLYMP, Microsoft® Dynamics NAV, FEPA, IFS to name a few existing integration examples.


    • Integration your design data with the business workflows
    • Acceleration of time to production
    • Reducing inventory and purchasing costs
    • Reducing costs for data acquisition and minimize errors

Target Industries:  Industrial Machinery, Auto & Transportation, Manufacturing  

Compatibility: Autodesk® Vault 2017, Autodesk® Vault 2017, Autodesk® Vault 2015, Autodesk® Inventor® 2015, AutoCAD® Mechanical 2015, Autodesk® Product Design Suite 2015, Autodesk® Product Design Suite 2014, Autodesk® Product Design Suite 2013

Integration:  Our product fully integrates into Autodesk® Inventor and Autodesk® Vault Professional, providing a configurable data exchange tool to connect with the ERP solution.

Languages:  German, English

Countries:  Worldwide

Additional Information:

Company Information

Founded in 1990, N+P developed consciously into an IT system provider for medium-sized enterprises. The keystones of N+P's portfolio of products are consulting, system integration, software development and IT services. N+P realizes complex projects in the fields of design, production (CAD/CAM/PDM), architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), business management (ERP), plant, facility management (CAFM) and IT service management.

Contact Information: 
N+P Informationssysteme GmbH
An der Hohen Straße 1
08393 Meerane
Phone:  +49 3764 4000-0