Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation solutions for motion capture data clean-up, editing, and reuse

Motion Capture Software

Motion Capture

Motion capture is the process of recording actors’ movements with the purpose of reusing that data with digital models. Professional motion capture and 3D animation artists in the games, film, and television industries use Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation solutions to help clean-up, edit, and reuse motion capture data. These solutions that are ideal for high volume character/performance animation, previsualization, and virtual movie making can enable motion capture artists to increase their animation output and create higher quality animations. Adding an Autodesk motion capture handling solution to your 3D Animation pipeline can make your pipeline more efficient wherever characters are required.

More Tools for Motion Capture Data Manipulation

Maya motion capture editing and character animation software  

Autodesk Maya
Take advantage of the advanced motion retargeting capabilities of Autodesk® Maya® software with motion capture samples that provide useful starting points for previsualization and developing character animation. Utilizing the Autodesk® FBX® asset exchange format, the samples can be shared between applications in the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites.
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3d Max 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software enabling artists to easily work with motion capture data  

Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk® 3ds Max® software provides powerful, integrated 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing tools that enable artists to more easily work with motion capture data.
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Softimage: Transform motion capture data with high performing 3D character animation and visual effects software  

Autodesk Softimage
Meet the ever evolving challenges of production with Autodesk® Softimage® software, a high-performance 3D character animation and visual effects application. In Softimage, creating character animation is made easier with powerful animation layers that enable artists to tweak and transform motion capture data.
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Featured Motion Capture Editing Software

MotionBuilder Motion capture editing and data cleanup with real-time 3D character animation software for film and games  

Autodesk MotionBuilder
Autodesk® MotionBuilder® software is a world class motion capture and real-time 3D character animation software that can make film and game animation pipelines more efficient. MotionBuilder is ideal for motion capture editing and data cleanup, high-volume animation, virtual moviemaking, previsualization, and performance animation.
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Entertainment Creation Suite: motion capture editing, 3D modeling, animation effects and rendering software  

Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites
The Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suites provide artists and production facilities access to a powerful range of creative 3D animation software at exceptional value. The Suite offers a choice of either Autodesk® Maya® software or Autodesk® 3ds Max® software, and includes Autodesk® MotionBuilder® real-time character animation and motion capture software, and Autodesk® Mudbox® digital sculpting and texture painting software. With the Premium option, artists additionally have access to Autodesk® Softimage® software to create sophisticated effects and high-quality facial animation. Use the power of the Suites to create modern, flexible pipelines that support today's projects and scale for tomorrow's opportunities. 
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If you are a student, you can download a 36-month trial* version of the Entertainment Creation Suite, and find training and other resources, in the Autodesk Education Community.
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Autodesk MotionBuilder Discussion Forum - AREA
General discussion of Autodesk MotionBuilder-related topics: motion capture or Python™ scripting language, questions and comments.

Software for Students and Educators

Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites for Education
Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suite for Education offers academic institutions exceptional value and provides a streamlined solution for teaching 3D modeling, digital sculpting, texture painting, animation, visual effects, rendering, and compositing.
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Autodesk Education Community
With over 30 products available for free*, the Autodesk Education Community helps students and educators in 3D animation push the boundaries of design with Autodesk software.
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