Why Design Matters

As our world becomes one large community, both collaboration and competition play out on an international scale. And as we are confronted with challenges such as climate change, global infrastructure repair and creation, and the increasing digitization of our professional and personal lives, design has never been more critical.

Autodesk’s design innovation technologies are being used to meet those challenges. By creating digital models and workflows that allow you to visualize, simulate, and analyze your designs, you can experience your ideas before they are real. This enables the continual exploration of design alternatives, allowing early improvements to the way projects and products will look, perform, and be used. And ultimately, saving time and money, reducing errors, and increasing sustainability.

Today, the power of innovative design serves to positively impact the economy, the environment and society as a whole and Autodesk is proud to be part of the solution.

Watch this short video clip to see some examples of innovative design solutions.