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Engineers & Designers

From concept to completion, product design helps determine product success. To help Everyday Edisons inventors experience their ideas before they’re real, Bouncing Brain Productions recruited a team of engineers and designers. With Autodesk® Inventor™ and Autodesk® AliasStudio™ software, the inventors’ ideas were transformed into a marketable reality.

Daniel L. Bizzell IDSA
Director of Industrial Design: Enventys partner and Lead Designer for the Everyday Edisons television show

With a contagious zeal that infiltrates company walls, inspires clients to dream big, and ignites co-workers to action, Daniel Bizzell radiates energy and enthusiasm for anything and everything he’s passionate about. An industrial Designer by trade and six-time North Carolina cycling champion, Daniel feels lucky that he gets to devote his working hours to one of his many life passions: design.  His professional career in endurance sports sparked his interest in design and product development. Daniel was frequently asked to test product innovations from participating sponsors who faced the challenges of updating existing styles and creating new products.  By the end of his career, he walked away with more than seventy race wins and an insider’s intuition for new product development.

Daniel is proud to be a third-generation designer, with a woodworking grandfather and world renowned environmental design father. Today, he is the Director of Industrial Design at Enventys, a full-service product development and creative marketing firm headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. He is passionate about innovation and understands first-hand how design can contribute to the success, or failure, of equipment operation and retail sales.  The design portfolios he develops for clients are used to build a conceptual framework that will prepare the new products and technologies to enter the market.  Because Daniel attacks projects with the drive of a professional athlete, he also plays a vital role in the capital-raising phase of client projects.  Daniel is known to his clients as the "stylist of concept."

Read an interview with Daniel Bizzell (pdf - 0Kb)

Ian Kovacevich
VP of Engineering and Design, Enventys
Director of Engineering for the Everyday Edisons television show

Ian Kovacevich is the lead engineer featured on the Everyday Edisons television show. A seasoned engineer with 10 years of experience in product development and design management, he currently acts as Vice President of Engineering and Design for Enventys, a product development and creative marketing firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ian initiated the product development business segment of Enventys in May 2002. The company has expanded since to include other professional services, including, but not limited to research, creative marketing, Latino marketing, direct response television marketing, interactive services, advertising, public relations, global sourcing, and product placement.

Ian holds numerous patents and fully expects to file for additional ones in the days ahead. He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Kevin Dahlquist
Engineer, Enventys
Engineer for the Everyday Edisons television show

Learning new skills and experiencing new opportunities is what motivates Kevin, and his motivation is simple:to innovate. Kevin has been with Enventys, the full-service product development and creative marketing firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, for five years. Specializing in gear trains, electromechanical, and proof of concept, Kevin attributes much of his knowledge and creativity to his parents. His father is an accomplished electrical engineer and his mother is a successful interior designer.

Outside the office, Kevin enjoys tinkering with his car, taking his dog Cody to the park, adding to his Slinky® toy collection, and constantly renovating his “bachelor pad.”

With 12 years of experience in industrial design and engineering, Kevin holds multiple patents. He graduated from Southern Illinois University (not to be confused with the University of Southern Illinois) with a degree in Industrial Design.

Chris Hoy
Senior Engineer, Enventys
Engineer for the Everyday Edisons television show

Chris Hoy is one of the talented engineers featured on the Everyday Edisons television show. Currently Chris is a full-time engineer at Enventys, a full-service product development and creative marketing firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. At Enventys, Chris contributes to the design and engineering of the show’s 14 products and the projects of various other clients, too. He loves the fact that his job provides him with a great outlet for melding the discipline of engineering with the creativity of industrial design to arrive at highly functional, appealing, user-centered products.

Before settling in Charlotte, Chris did international consulting for a host of well-known companies, including IDEO Europe, Scottish Power, Pyranha Kayaks, The House of Hardy, Dixon’s PL, British Steel (Corus Steel), and Ducker Engineering. Chris’s passion for and knowledge of his profession have also afforded him the opportunity to teach college-level courses in product design, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing as an Assistant College Professor at New Mexico State University.

Chris’s varied interests extend well beyond engineering, as he enjoys many things, including nineteenth-century Russian literature and early American classics, working on British motorcycles and old Land Cruisers, Charlotte Bobcats basketball, Lucha Libre (especially Rey Mysterio and Fray Tormenta), listening to the Ramones and the Clash, community service, professional development, and continually learning about whatever he finds fascinating for the moment. And if you manage to track him down, it’s probably because you just saw him whiz by on his motorcycle, on the way to enjoying a cheap beer and laughs with his wife and friends.

Tom Philpott
Engineer, Enventys
Engineer for the Everyday Edisons television show

Tom is a featured engineer on the Everyday Edisons television show and part of the engineering team at Enventys, the full-service product development and creative marketing firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Concurrent design—bridging the gap between aesthetic design and engineering—is Tom’s expertise. With seven years of experience in product development, Tom has worked extensively in the areas of consumer, medical, industrial, and commercial products. Specialties include mechanisms, complex molding techniques, robust CAD modeling using multiple platforms, and prototyping.

Born in the United Kingdom, Tom grew up both in England and the United States. Having lived in numerous cities, regions, and countries, he brings a broad cultural understanding to the design studio. His father, credited as a constant source of inspiration and guidance, teaches mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois, where Tom received his degree in industrial design.

Time away from product development is devoted primarily to his wife, Laura. The couple enjoy boating, amateur wakeboarding, and hiking with their two dogs. Other distractions include motorcycles, Toyota® Land Cruiser® vehicles, anything with an internal combustion engine, and constant home improvement.

Jerry Shew
Engineer, Enventys
Engineer for the Everyday Edisons television show

Jerry is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years experience in his field. He has been with Enventys, a full-service product development and creative marketing firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, for one year. Although new to the firm, Jerry brings a wealth of resources to the engineering team through his specializations in pressure and sealing applications, plastic component design, component enclosures, and packaging.

His background in engineering has come in handy as he continues to pursue his life-long passion: cars. In his youth, he enjoyed building and racing sports cars. Now, as an “empty-nester-in-training” with one son in college, he continues that passion by doing all of his own auto repair and maintenance.

The holder of 10 patents with four additional pending, Jerry enjoys the diverse projects he works on with Enventys and Everyday Edisons.