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Autodesk Maya provides a rich and powerful API that can be used to automate repetitive tasks, and to extend the core functionality of Maya. This functionality includes customization of 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, rendering, and many other areas. C++, Python, and .NET are supported. The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides extensive functionality and provides code samples and documentation to help get you started developing with the Maya API. Read more...



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Partners’ Apps for Maya: Easily extend the power of Maya using apps created for the end user community.

Cloud Computing: Find out how to develop and integrate Cloud Computing (for example, Software as a Service) solutions with your plug-in applications.



Samples and Documentation:

DevTV: Introduction to Maya Dependency Graph Programming

A self-paced video tutorial demonstrating how to get started with Maya dependency graph programming in C++ and Python.

English: View online | Download
Japanese: View online | Download
Chinese: View online | Download

Maya API Training Webcast Archive

A complete API training on developing plug-ins for Maya based on Python (but applies to C++ as well)

English: Download
Training material: Download

Tools & Documentation archives

Register a Maya Developer Node ID Block
Autodesk supports a developer registration scheme to prevent Maya node conflicts between different applications. To register your own block, go here.

Register a Maya Developer Tangent Types ID Block
Autodesk supports a developer registration scheme to prevent Maya Tangent Types conflicts between different applications. You can define Anim Curve Interpolation Types. It allows for the creation and evaluation of customized animation curves, in addition to determination of the type ID and name of the curve. To register your own block, go here.

Autodesk Maya devkit/API downloads
Starting Maya 2016, the Maya devkit/API and related files are not included with Maya anymore. They can be downloaded from:

For older release, the Maya devkit/API is included in every Maya product/release.

Getting Started with Programming in Maya  Maya API Whitepaper (pdf - 159Kb)
An overview of the Autodesk OpenMaya API architecture that also applies to Python.

Introduction to Maya API  Maya API Introduction (pdf - 19Kb)
A brief overview of Maya API and top 10 important classes.

Maya Plug-in Internationalization  Maya Plug-in Internationalization (pdf - 371Kb)
Overview of the Maya API Internationalization architecture.

Maya C# Plug-in Wizard
The Maya C# Plug-in Wizard is an add-in for Visual Studio that facilitates the creation of C# plug-ins for different Maya versions, you can download the wizard directly at Maya-Net-Wizards/ Output/_Archives/.

Render Pass Concepts and Techniques
This white paper explains how to use the Maya render pass framework. The covered topics include: rendering pipeline efficiency, configuring and customizing render passes, and how to composite render passes. The examples show how to leverage render passes to achieve efficient compositing workflows for common rendering, lighting and look tuning tasks.

 Render Pass Concepts and Techniques Whitepaper (pdf - 3363Kb)
 Render Pass Concepts and Techniques Examples (zip - 137Kb)

Maya Viewport 2.0 whitepaper

This white paper explains how to use the Maya Viewport 2.0 API and port your legacy viewport code to the latest Maya viewport technology.

Viewport 2.0 API Guide for Locators (pdf - 81Kb)
Viewport 2.0 API Porting Guide (pdf - 675Kb)
Viewport 2.0 API Porting Guide Details (pdf - 1751Kb)

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