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Autodesk DWF Toolkit 7.7 (release)

The newest version of the DWF™ Toolkit 7.7 provides APIs for reading and writing DWF/DWFx files. (The C++ source code is also included.)

What's new in this version?

  • Support for DWF/DWFx files published by AutoCAD 2012 and other 2012 Autodesk design applications
  • Support the DWF Toolkit building with VS2010
  • Support the DWF Toolkit building on Mac (XCode 4.1) and Linux (gcc 4.5)
  • Updated sample code and documentation
  • Improved support for Autodesk design applications
  • Add new parameter "nProviderFlags" to the existing functions “DWFContent::load”, “DWFSection::getContentDefinition” and “DWFSection:: getObjectDefinition”, which will give you an option to skip reading customized property attributes, hence will improve file reading performance. The default behavior is not skipping which is consisting with previous version.

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