American Challenge


October 2007: CAD Powers New Land Speed Record

Armed with the latest Autodesk technology, Russ Wicks and his American Challenge team spent a month redesigning and reconfiguring a Dodge Charger stock car just in time to set a new world speed record of 244.9 mph.
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October 2007: G4

Watch racer extraordinaire and world record holder Russ Wicks break his own land speed record (traveling an amazing 244.9 mph) to set a new world record at the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah.
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April 2007: Russ Wicks Pursues Next World Record
This CBS segment profiles Russ Wicks and his pursuit of world speed records.  In his quest to remain the world “Speed King,” Russ Wicks and his team of technical experts are working with Autodesk® Inventor™ to design the world’s fastest gasoline-powered car.

June 2006:  The World’s Fastest Stock Car
Russ Wicks breaks world’s fastest stock car record going 222 miles per hour.