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Create Your Own Application

The DWF™ specification is published and available to any developer free of charge to build applications around the DWF format. The Autodesk® DWF™ Toolkit includes C++ source code for reading and writing DWF files.

The DWF format is open to the public. The specification can be downloaded as part of the toolkit.

Download the free DWF Toolkit

Download the free API Documentation

Download the free Autodesk® Design Review API Documentation.

Autodesk Design Review API (zip - 516Kb)

Integrate ActiveX Controls

The Autodesk Design Review application programming interface (API) documentation enables you to integrate Design Review within websites and third-party applications. The documentation provides instruction on features like navigation to a specific page or view, control over layer visibility, the ability to show and hide the toolbar and context menus, as well as control of the viewer behavior.