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Your Potential Market: Millions of Autodesk Customers in 160+ Countries

When you partner with Autodesk, you benefit from a unique opportunity to develop add-on products and services based on the world's leading design tools and technologies. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Large customer base: Your potential market is Autodesk's installed customer base. More than seven million customers in over 160 countries use our industry-standard applications such as AutoCAD, Inventor, Map 3D, Revit, 3ds Max and Maya software.
  • Leading company with strong growth: You can build your business around a growing company with a stable foundation. Autodesk has enjoyed great success for more than 20 years: industry analysts see us as well positioned for future growth.
  • Innovative technology: You have access to industry-leading Internet, workflow, and object-oriented design technologies.
  • Success together: Partnership with Autodesk is a win-win - You save time and money going to market, and Autodesk customers benefit from your products and services.

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Hear from several ADN members about their business and partnership with Autodesk.

Ideate uses its decades of experience to help customers solve problems and reap the rewards of BIM.
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KKM Soft brings automated solutions in Autodesk Inventor Professional software to satisfied customers.
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Cadenas and Autodesk bring industrial manufacturers’ products to millions of global design engineers.

Octopart and Autodesk help engineers find and compare parts from manufacturers and distributors.

StrucSoft Solutions and Autodesk help framing designers become efficient and productive.

Tech Soft 3D and Autodesk help software developers and start-ups with tools to get to market faster.

Lighting Analysts explains how being an ADN member has helped it develop Illum Tools

Microvellum and Autodesk provide an innovative solution for woodworkers

Di-O-Matic and Autodesk increase character animation productivity

StrucSoft Solutions and Autodesk help construction companies

CIDEON and Autodesk integrate engineering and manufacturing through SAP

SolidCAM and Autodesk deliver integrated solutions to machinists

Transoft Solutions and Autodesk help enable transportation engineers.

DigiPara and Autodesk help building designers, configure escalators and elevators

CSI Global and Autodesk help customers implement their BIM workflow.