Authorized Academic Partners

Our worldwide network of Autodesk Authorized Academic Partners offers a wide variety of industry-relevant learning content, training, support, developmental services, and programs that utilize Autodesk’s industry-standard tools—all tailored to the specific needs of your school’s academic program. With access to these Autodesk resources, institutions can differentiate themselves from competing institutions and help shape the future of design and engineering education.

Project-focused training

Authorized Academic Partners are knowledgeable about Autodesk software and comfortable in academic environments. They can train faculty members and students directly, introducing them to Autodesk software, preparing lesson plans, and even teaching courses in the classroom. Partners focus much of their training efforts on specific projects and coursework assigned to the students.

World-class support

Our Partners know about more than Autodesk software. They also have a deep understanding of the education market and can provide support on a wide range of topics, including Student editions of Autodesk software and seeking grant funding for software purchases. Partners can also guide faculty members on integrating Autodesk® technology into their curricula and creating training materials.

Professional and student development

Our Partners can provide a range of services designed to advance the professional development of faculty members and students alike. Programs include the Autodesk® Certified Instructor and the Autodesk® Student and Educator Expert programs. To help students and faculty members assess and validate their skills, Partners can guide them toward Autodesk® Certification, which provides an industry-recognized endorsement of expertise in Autodesk technology, from basic entry-level skills through to advanced professional qualifications